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A Hen

Submitted By:angie
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If a hen that has no owner lays an egg on the border of the USA and Canada, who owns the egg?

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Posted by alintanfern01/04/03
good 1

Posted by amorn0138001/06/03

Posted by singcan01/23/03
to jonnyonline~ it says the hen has no owner. DUHHHHHHHHHHH~lol sorry I just had to do that

Posted by KhRiSsY01/26/03

Posted by KhRiSsY01/26/03
Grrr hit sumbit! Sorry, what I was GONNA say is... Cute Teaser! :D

Posted by angie01/29/03
Oh thank you! Thank you! I thought it would fail.

Posted by beanie8908/28/03
Chickens are same as hens!!!!!!

Posted by EnderofGames12/18/05
They are not quite the same. Hens are female chickens, and roosters are male chickens. The second one with Canada in it, and its a good one, too!

Posted by jodocroco02/21/06
Vey good teaser =D easy but fun!!!

Posted by SPUTNIK204/12/06
Fun! Fun! Fun!! :) thanks 8)

Posted by Atropus04/13/06
actually.. a hen isn't necessarily a female chicken. Most female fowl are refered to as hens as far as I know. The peacock for example has a female counterpart in the peahen. Most bird mates could be refered to as the c0ck and the hen.. even if they were penguins.

Posted by Zelvinrocks12/07/06
:lol: My friend told me a brain teaser like that before. :D So glad, i would have said the owner would have been whoever buys the hen first. :lol:

Posted by aaryaman9306/19/07
A bit tooo obvious ?? I got it :D

Posted by gorilladanny03/17/09

Posted by kubesh10/14/09
:lol: I thought it was that one that's roasters don't lay egg, but I saw hen and I was totally confused. GOOD ONE!!! :D


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