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Submitted By:monkeyboy38654
Fun:*** (2.33)
Difficulty:* (0.59)

If everybody in the world jumped off a cliff, would you?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Jenna01/08/03
That was a good one.

Posted by speedyg100001/11/03
if everyone in the world jumped off a cliff, if you jumped, you woul just land on the enormous pile of bodies and only fall a few feet. if you wer last, you would actually have to climb up to get to the top.

Posted by Bobbrt01/17/03
I have to laugh when I think of a mother asking her six-year-old this question, and him replying "well by definition, mother, of course I would".

Posted by KhRiSsY01/27/03
I was thinking the same thing speedyg100, but i GUESS that answer makes sence too :P

Posted by andrewcs05/05/03
Ok without the hint on a scale of easyness 1-5 it is a -6 with hint it is -27

Posted by dakini06/09/03
Easy! But I smiled!:)

Posted by Mogmatt1606/30/04
even if everyone other than me jumped, the peer pressure would still get me... :(

Posted by sweetime05/30/05
i've never heard it phrased "if everybody" before, it's always been "if everybody else" .... obviously there was a reason for that phrasing and i've only just realised it :D

Posted by smarty_blondy11/10/05
Good to know i'm somebody, and not just anybody. Cute. :lol:

Posted by Warstar06/11/06
haha do u know how long the pile would go (the 1st person to jump is very unluky

Posted by cyberstar515002/12/07
Moshpit! lol I'm DEF using this one when my parents tell me "If EVERYONE jumped off a cliff, would you?"

Posted by dudebomb9310/29/07
LOL E-Z 8)

Posted by annvie906/03/08
Yay! I got this one! It was good! :D


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