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If you have three apples and you took two away, how many would you have?

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Posted by Jenna01/08/03
That one didn't make sence! If you have three apples and you take two away everyone assumes that you got rid of them, so the answer would really be one.

Posted by electronjohn01/08/03
Or the answer could be two, because you took two away and left the one behind.

Posted by queenlila01/08/03
Good one; the common answer to questions like that is two, which is what I thought because I wasn't paying attention.

Posted by Bobbrt01/17/03
What a bunch of party poopers! I have 10 pairs of pants: 5 in the closet, 4 in the hamper, and 1 that I took away and wore to work. How many pairs of pants do I have again? TEN. It's a TRICK teaser, folks. Lighten up!

Posted by speedyg100001/17/03
ok jonny, sounds like ur usin a thesaurus to sound smart saying something simple. it was badly worded which is what people are arguing, not the general idea

Posted by KhRiSsY01/26/03
LoL @ speedyg1000 || I've heard alot like this where the answer is always 2, because you make it sound as though one was left behind..

Posted by inudbz03/16/03
i sorta agree with jenna

Posted by icehaven04/06/03
I agree with jenna too.

Posted by libra089005/22/05

Posted by Quickq05/10/06
Am I the only one who said 2? :o

Posted by Crazycriely09/30/07
5! You take two away from someone else and add it to your =5 apples

Posted by pn_1604/26/08
got it :D

Posted by 7thgraderocks08/31/08

Posted by 7thgraderocks10/06/08
I dont agree with jenna! i think thats funny! :D

Posted by 7thgraderocks10/06/08
By the way I added this 1 2 my favorites! :D

Posted by GreenApples2702/20/09
I said 2??

Posted by beyonce12306/07/10
Jenna that is the whole point of a trick teaser!!!


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