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Fun:*** (2.33)
Difficulty:* (0.6)

A group of three mountaineers set off to climb a mountain. Their names were Jake, Louisa, and Arnel. As they were approaching the half way point of their climb, they ran into another group of mountaineers with four members, Daniel, Rachel, Sam and Trent. They decided to climb the mountain together, making it one group of seven mountaineers. Near the summit, one of the mountaineers, Daniel, fell ill, was air lifted to the hospital, and made a full recovery. Meanwhile at the top of the mountain, the mountaineers set camp. During the night while the mountaineers were asleep in their tents, a huge storm came overhead, with very strong winds. Near midnight all of the tents were thrown off the mountain sending the mountaineers falling 2,000 feet down onto jagged rocks. All but one mountaineer died. Who survived?

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