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Blellow the Alien #1

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Blellow the alien was driving happily along in his new spacecraft when he crashed into 4 other aliens! They were all thrown out of their spacecraft and had temporary amnesia. All 5 aliens spoke Sporzdak (the universal alien language), so they were able to communicate, but they also each spoke second languages. Each alien had been traveling a different amount of time (in bzorks) in different colored spacecrafts. Each spacecraft weighs a different amount (including the 4 qorz one that Qulp has). Help the aliens figure out who has what color spacecraft, how long each had been traveling (in bzorks), what their second language was, and how much the spacecraft weighed (in qorzes).

Aliens - Blellow (M), Smorp (M), Szurkax (M), Qulp (F), and Qorxl (F)
Spacecraft color - Blue, Orange, Green, Red, and Purple
Weight of spacecraft (qorzes) - 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8
2nd Language - Qanxan, Sbarkjozn, Zronxhor, Jwrpl, and Boeiaix
Amount of time spent traveling (bzorks) - 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, and 9

1. The 5 aliens are: Blellow, the one with the red spacecraft, the one that has been traveling for 4.5 bzorks, the one with a spacecraft that weighs 7 qorzes, and the one that speaks Boeiaix.

2. Blellow's name is actually a mixture of the English words for two primary pigments. His spacecraft is the color that would result from mixing the two pigments in his name.

3. The alien who has a spacecraft that weighs 3 qorzes more than Smorp's does has been traveling in her spacecraft for 1.5 bzorks less than Szurkax has.

4. Blellow's spacecraft weighs more than Qulp's does.

5. The alien who speaks Sbarkjozn, who has a blue vehicle, has not been traveling for 4.5 bzorks.

6. The green and red vehicles had not been running the longest.

7. The alien that speaks Zronxhor has not been traveling for 7.5 bzorks and his name is not Szurkax.

8. Either Qorxl's vehicle or the red vehicle weighs 5 qorzes.

9. The alien who speaks Jwrpl has a purple spacecraft.

10. Smorp has either been traveling for 6 or 7.5 bzorks.

11. Qorxl has not been traveling for 7.5 bzorks.


Reread the introduction carefully! M stands for Male, and F stands for Female.

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