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Computer Mix-up

Submitted By:Shnazzle
Fun:** (1.78)
Difficulty:* (0.32)

Katie, Peter and Thomas were fighting for which computer they would get in the house. Use these clues to find out who got a computer in which room and what game they were playing.

1. The computer in the study was being used by someone playing minesweeper.

2. Tetris was being played by Peter.

3. The dining room was not being used by Peter or Thomas.

4. Thomas was not in the lounge room but was playing minesweeper.

5. Katie wasn't playing tetris.

6. Peter was in the lounge room.


You can do this teaser without the grid-solver but it will be much easier.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Yankeejimg04/10/09
Clues #5 and #6 are not necessary to solve puzzle.

Posted by june1204/10/09
fun and easy i really enjoyed it

Posted by braindeadmommia04/10/09
Clues 4, 5 & 6 are not necessary.

Posted by dswilborn04/11/09
I solved it using on the first three clues. Very easy.

Posted by Paladin04/13/09
Easy but fun.

Posted by MegRen04/14/09
Clues 4, 5, and 6 weren't needed. And I didn't have to put any 'X'es in the grid since so many of the answers were just told to us.

Posted by Holo04/15/09
Really good and well-thought out. I know some logic grids where they dont give you enough explanation

Posted by Zarahemla0504/15/09
Great beginning teaser. I only used the first 3 clues. Good job. :D

Posted by J-Five04/17/09
It was SO EASY!!!! I also only needed the first cople of clues.

Posted by RebelAir04/18/09
How do we know that Katie was playing pinball, and not solitaire?

Posted by Shnazzle04/21/09
I know about Katie I cant forgive myself i realised only 10 seconds after submitting.. Sorry :( :(

Posted by sonic_x_10004/21/09
that was fun,but easy :D

Posted by nascarfan1904/23/09
Answer is obvious after 4th clue. no need for 5th and 6th clues.

Posted by Quickq06/13/09
Okay. logic grid teasers aren't that easy to submit, :roll: but this one had 2 main problems. :x 1.Way to easy. :evil: 2.Needless clues. :( Overall, 5.5/10, not too bad I suppose, but it could be better.

Posted by flowers223412/25/09
easy yet fun!

Posted by noomeek10/15/10
keep making these kind of grids!!! and armatures gonna love you... :wink:

Posted by chriscat10/25/10
Took me about 10 seconds -- awfully easy!

Posted by klsowell08/21/13
Pretty fun, but also easy and I don't see how you can play pinball on a computer. :roll: :lol: 8)

Posted by Rileyd01/26/14
klsowell I have pinball on the computer. SPACE is release ball and LEFT and RIGHT are left and right paddles. :wink:

Posted by ghostwolf146812/19/14
ok good one :D

Posted by bloody-albatros07/14/15
half the hints, then it is still easy ;)

Posted by LanceAlot09/29/15
sooo simple haha

Posted by james0510/22/17
This was really easy. You only need clues 2 and 3 to solve it.


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