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Executive Travel Woes

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Ms. Langston and four other executives are experiencing the downturn in the economy. While traveling on Wednesday of last week, they had to fly on commercial aircraft instead of enjoying the comfort of private jets. Each executive is an expert in a particular area of business. Use the following clues to determine the first and last name of each executive along with her position, company and her special expertise. No two executives share the same name, position, company or forte.

First Names: Ann, Arlice, Meg, Patricia, Rene
Last Names: Barnes, Langston, Mulcahy, Russo, Whitman
Positions: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chairperson, Commissioner, President
Companies: ieTrade, Lenamar Tech, Licent Co., Sabancci Ltd., The Surat Group
Fortes: Invention, Leadership, Political Connections, Profit Margin, Stock Options

1. Neither the CEO (who is not the leadership guru) nor the one with the excellent political connections (who is not a CFO or with Licent Co.) is surnamed Russo (who is neither Patricia nor Rene.)

2. Both Ann and Ms. Langston boarded in San Francisco and deplaned in Chicago; the leadership specialist and the chairperson flew from Chicago to Washington, D.C.; the flight of the Sabancci Ltd. executive (who is not surnamed Mulcahy) was from D.C. to New York.

3. The Lenamar Tech. executive (who has no special political connections) and the inventor (who is neither CEO nor CFO) are either the commissioner and chairperson in some order, or are surnamed Russo and Barnes, in some order; only one of these alternatives is true, the other is false.

4. Arlice is neither the ieTrade CFO nor Ms. Barnes; the profit margin specialist is not amongst the three executives.

5. Neither Meg (who is neither the stock options specialist nor the inventor) nor Ms. Mulcahy (who is not Arlice, who is not the chairperson) is affiliated with either Licent Co. or The Surat Group (who is not Rene).

6. Of the CEO (who is not Ms. Russo) and the profit margin specialist (who is not Rene, who is not the chairperson), one is Ms. Whitman and the other is associated with Lenamar Tech (who is not Ann).

7. The stock option specialist is either Ms. Barnes or the executive that works with Sabancci Ltd. (who is neither Patricia, who is not the commissioner, nor Rene.)

8. The president (who is not with Sabancci Ltd.) is not the inventor (who is neither surnamed Whitman nor Barnes.) Ms. Barnes is not the leadership guru.

9. The Surat Group executive is neither surnamed Langston nor Whitman.


The inventor must be the chairperson or the commissioner (not CEO or CFO from clue 3 or president from clue 8.) Clue 3 tells us that the inventor cannot be either Ms. Russo or Ms. Barnes. This also means that the Lenamar Tech. executive also is not surnamed either Russo or Barnes, and that the commissioner and the chairperson cannot be either Russo or Barnes.

Ms. Barnes must be Ann because she does not fit into any of the other options in clue 2.

The Sabancci executive (who can only be CEO or Commissioner) is not Ms. Russo who can only be! CFO or President. As you fill in the grid, you will see that the person with Sabannci ( who can only be Arlice or Meg) cannot be Ms. Mulcahy (who can only be Patricia or Rene.)

Ms. Surat cannot be commissioner or chairperson because she only can be surnamed Barnes or Russo, but commissioner and chairperson can't be either of those two surnames.

Once we discover that the inventor is the Commissioner, we know that the Lenamar executive must be Chairperson and the rest of the answers fall into place.

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