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Number Pyramid 2

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This teaser is a mixture of logic and math. In a number pyramid, the numbers 0-9 are each used once and formed into a pyramid, with one digits at the top, and right below it two digits, below those three digits, and below those four, all arranged in pyramid form. I can not show you a pyramid due to formatting issues.

In this puzzle, you will follow the clues given, and using these clues, create a number pyramid. There is only one answer.


1. The number at the apex, or top, of the pyramid minus the leftmost number in the fourth row equals 7.

2. The middle, or second, number in the third row minus the rightmost number in the third row equals 4.

3. The four numbers in row 4 sum to 8.

4. In the second row, the rightmost number minus the leftmost number equals 1.

5. The four rightmost numbers in each row sum to 25.

6. The numbers 1 and 2 are not adjacent to each other.


The apex of this pyramid is 9.

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