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For each of the following, solve for the answer word. The first and last letters of each word are given and the number of letters in the word is also provided. For each, the phrase/sentence which follows is a clue which gives you an "alternative interpretation" of the word as opposed to the word's true meaning.

Example: b?????e (7 letters) - not a small aisle
Answer: beguile <== big aisle (not a small aisle)

If you need a hint, the Hint gives you an additional letter for each answer word.

1) d????d (6 letters) - not the shallow end
2) t????e (6 letters) - A couple goes Dutch.
3) c????n (6 letters) - Give 'em a ring.
4) f????t (6 letters) - the main reason they're taking a vacation
5) p??????d (8 letters) - when poor Dave missed the prom
6) f?????g (7 letters) - Rover needs a trim because...


1) The 3rd letter is "p".
2) The 4th letter is "p".
3) The 3rd letter is "l".
4) The 4th letter is "e".
5) The 3rd letter is "o".
6) The 4th letter is "l".

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