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Submitted By:griphook
Fun:** (1.99)
Difficulty:**** (3.19)

One and halfscore, the posts are showing,
win, place, and show united is rejection as a marking;
the middle five of the whole, a type of setting,
the last eight is a man prone to writing.

Four in one, its middle two is a cannon booming,
with bursts of fire like a hundred stars dancing;
within that center is a country if you're looking,
a city you'll find,if you focus on the beginning.

Its first quarter is a letter with a greeting,
the next,a memory with one millennium missing;
then a duke,a prince or a king,
the last,an endless catch in the sport of fishing.

QUESTION: What is the word?


The mark is the letter X in Greek writing,
the memory is Read-Only with its M lacking,
the royalty mentioned are male in being,
the fish is a CERO, its tail O missing.

The Greek letter is CHI,former its meaning,
ROMAN is a candle,a numeral or a font setting,
the city is ROMA, OMAN,the country just reminding,
the author is a ROMANCER, romance is his choosing.

CHI,RO,MAN, and CER,syllables we're adding,
CHI and ROMANCER, the eleven that were showing,
it is now clearer than the future he is telling,
that CHIROMANCER is the word and reading the future,his calling.

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