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A group of friends, who have not seen each other for a long time, met in their favorite restaurant one early morning.
ASTAIRE, the biggest in the group, remarked, "Must have been millions of years since we were together. "AFFLECK, the one wearing elephant pants, nodded in agreement. ANTHONY kept on complaining about the extremely cold weather back home. EUGENE, who was from the mainland, was needling SAMPRAS and NAMIER. "These neighbors are inseparable." AUSTIN, the smallest, invited everybody to his cattle farm.
The waitress, who was patiently waiting for the orders, said to herself, "Kinda strange, but these guests remind me of something." She then said," May I suggest BREAD ROLLS, JAM, BUTTER, SLICES OF CHEESE, FRUIT JUICE, and COFFEE or TEA ?"

QUESTION: What was in the mind of the waitress?



The first 2,3 or 4 letters in the names of her guests are the same first 2,3 or 4 letters of the continents.
AStaire for the BIGGEST continent, ASia.
AFfleck for the other continent where ELEPHANTS are found, AFrica.
ANThony for the cold continent ANTarctica.
EUgene for EUrope. CONTINENTAL is used to refer to mainland Europe.
The NEIGHBORS, SAMpras and NAMier for S. AMerica and N.AMerica, respectively.
AUSTin for the smallest continent AUSTralia which is known for its CATTLE, among others.

It is said that MILLIONS OF YEARS ago, the continents formed one land mass. IT HAS BEEN A WHILE.

A light breakfast of ROLLS, JAM, BUTTER, SLICES OF CHEESE, FRUIT JUICE, and COFFEE or TEA is called a CONTINENTAL Breakfast.

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