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Fun:*** (2.86)
Difficulty:** (1.49)

A cat had three kittens: Mopsy, Topsy and Spot. What was the mother's name.



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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Beelzebub02/18/02
There is no answer to this since no question was asked

Posted by rose_rox06/13/02
Beelzebub's comment is true.

Posted by darthforman05/22/05
:oops: I can't believe that I didn't catch that. :oops: :lol:

Posted by converse_chik10/22/05
this is like those, "railroad crossing whatch out for cars" spell that w/o any r's!! i feel so stupid!! :oops: :oops:

Posted by Question_Mark10/27/05
I wondered why there wasn't a ?

Posted by tommy210/28/05
there is no question though.

Posted by bagogirl11/06/05
that could have gone in the trick category and there should have been a question

Posted by Q-Tpie01011/07/05
I didn't get it until i read the answer. But there isn't a question, so maybe you should reword it. I liked it though. :lol:

Posted by paintballa94411/12/05
If the second sentence is a statement, then what is the answer answering?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by LindseyAnne3411/22/05
Funny, I liked it! :lol:

Posted by stephiesd11/25/05
i just saw a verry similar riddle on a different site the other day. i think it ws talking about children, but i didn't get it then either. :oops: :oops: :oops: i think i'm just really tired for getign up at 3 am to go to after-tahnksgiving sales.

Posted by hidentreasure11/28/05
Good one. :) :roll:

Posted by mistressgia01/10/06
I was totally lost on this one... :o

Posted by mistressgia01/10/06
OH my! I just got it DUH!!! :roll: Totally fun ( I hated it at first lol)teaser! rotflmao

Posted by Brainy_101/22/06
:o Thump. Ineed to pay more attention! :roll: Nice job! :D 8) :P

Posted by jntrcs03/15/06
Hard until you read the hint then it's simple I liked it it's tricky. :D

Posted by Vigo9503/21/06
HA HA !!! :D

Posted by puppehs-rulez03/26/06
I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T LISTEN TO THE HINT!!! It was so obvious after I saw the answer... Stupid me... :oops: :oops:

Posted by xdbtcp03/28/06
Didn't What play second base?

Posted by jj_is_cool03/29/06
graet teeser, da answer didnt need to be ther, ther was no question

Posted by spazzyjazzy9304/05/06
i agree with Beelzebub and everyone else that agreed with him/her

Posted by bballer2104/09/06
people- the point of no ??? was that the mothers name is what, and if you just read it and dont pay attention to the puncuation first, it makes sense just let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by kaya129304/14/06
:-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? i dont get it help

Posted by bts07200705/09/06
It dont' really matter if it was a question or not! It's a brain teaser and thats what this site is for right? to submitt brain teasers! who cares if it wasn't a question, it got all of you didnt' it!? including me!

Posted by amygurl10106/11/06
i didnt get this 1 till i looked at the hint. i think i herd this 1 b4 though...its a good 1 :roll: :P :D :) :lol: :wink:

Posted by shadow-x07/07/06
great i didnt get it

Posted by pup_tonton07/07/06
when u said punctuation i thought it was calma bcause u 4got 2 put one after topsy. good and clevr :lol:

Posted by junebug2207/21/06
Sad to say, but you got me on that one! :oops: This was a good one! :D

Posted by galaxynova07/27/06
heard this one before - i was totally stumped the first time i heard it. the guy kept saying 'what was the mother's name' and i got so confused... :roll:

Posted by Qrystal08/09/06
Doh! I can't believe I didn't get it after the hint. I got it after I saw the answer though...! Heh. Anyways, I don't support the above suggestions that this was not a real question or whatever. It's a trick, and it probably tricked those people, and they should just chuckle and get over it! :D

Posted by DarkAllie3244809/06/06
haha. easy. but whats scary: its the GIRLS that have most the problems getting it!! C'mon, we're supposed to be the smart ones! lol! ♥*Allie

Posted by tedger09/29/06
:wink: But there wasn't a real question so how can there be an answer?

Posted by MalcolmReynolds11/22/06
I like that.

Posted by shoto60412/08/06
very clever you got me there.

Posted by redhead_babe1512/28/06
that was good, but there should have been some sort of question. I liked it! :D :D

Posted by zombiesean02/13/07
I get it. Clever.

Posted by coolcow3503/16/07
:lol: Great one! -coolcow35

Posted by UnDeFeAtEd04/24/07
excuse me there was no question to answer for this riddle how were we supposed to know the question was what was the mothers i say this is not very good sorry :cry:

Posted by kittycat300005/07/07
I don't get :-?

Posted by savannahlz911/13/07
really old and easy

Posted by zeepuzzlemaster11/25/07
Old and already in many copyrighted books :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :x :x :x :x :x

Posted by yanksgirl03/30/08
there's no aswer to this you were just stating the mom's name

Posted by dowinka06/20/08
the hint gave it away

Posted by SamAlNik11/24/09
not vey good i read one in a book and it was way better there isnt even an answer 2 it there was no question..

Posted by swimstar34312/29/09

Posted by lukasiwicz03/18/10
Though I doped this out, I agree with those who pointed out that, since no qestion was really asked, this riddle had no answer. And kudos to the commenter who remembered that in the classic Bud Abbot/Lou Costello routine, "Who's on First," "What" was indeed the second-basseman.

Posted by doehead03/18/10
I thought this was very easy. I've seen or heard many of these trick type quizes. But it makes you think for a couple of seconds, :D :D :D

Posted by FatHead03/18/10
What? a strange name. :lol:

Posted by bradon18200103/18/10

Posted by IrishChick03/18/10
Of course, I agree with those who pointed out that there was no question to answer, but that was the trick. Our brains "assume" that the word What was making that statement into a question and we tend to ignore the punctuation because we are already working on the possible answer. I liked the teaser.

Posted by patiencewithaP03/18/10
I agree with IrishChick...the brain is already trying to figure it out because of "what." I noticed right away that there was no question mark and then the answer hit me. :lol: Great teaser!

Posted by auntiesis03/18/10
I needed the hint, shame on me. :oops: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by sunnybonghits03/18/10
I agree with everyone that said there was no question, so this riddle can have no answer. There are two statements presented - that's all. Where's the riddle?

Posted by sunnybonghits03/18/10
Just to add, the "answer" could just as well have been Topsy. Why not?

Posted by Elios03/18/10
With all the poor grammar floating around nowadays, I assumed the period was unintentional; I had to look at the hint to understand. :P Interesting idea for a riddle, but I agree with the others: technically there is no question here.

Posted by beyonce12303/18/10
same as the others: no question. nice teaser, though

Posted by kasiecom203/18/10
How does reading the hint imply the answer, to have an answer,there has to be a question,since no question is asked, there can be no answer ?Braingle answer is thus illogical.

Posted by crocodile03/18/10
I had already heard this one somewhere else. Kinda easy, considering Braingle is very strict about errors. Still fun!

Posted by Flamey50003/18/10
I didn't get it at first, but I finally figured out. :D

Posted by Fiasco03/18/10
I understand the official answer, but what about Spom? Think about it: Topsy is Spot backwards plus Y, so Mopsy would be Spom backwards plus Y.

Posted by Phantom403/19/10
As most have figured out, this is Not a trick and there really is no answer since there was no question. Only a statement of fact. I think what this shows is most people today ignore punctuation if they even use it at all. And Braingle showed they're fallible by providing an answer where there is no question instead of an explanation.

Posted by avonma03/19/10
Got it! :D

Posted by Marijah06/30/10
hahah!! how cute is this??!! lol --> love it! :D

Posted by cutieluck09/28/10
easssy.... : P

Posted by thebrain78910/11/10
There's no answer because there is no question. Stop hurting our brains.

Posted by GreenApples2703/26/11
I thought it was "she", because of the saying, "Who's she, the cat's mother?". I liked it. :)

Posted by Babe03/18/13
Old and lame! :(

Posted by lukasiwicz03/18/13
Old, lame, easy, and given away by the fact that "What was the mother's name" is followed by a period rather than q

Posted by lukasiwicz03/18/13
Old, easy,and fundamentally dishonest, since, as others have pointed out, no question has beeen asked to which the word "What" would be an snswer. :evil: :x

Posted by HABS293303/18/13
Beating a dead horse here, but I have to agree that since no question was asked there can be no answer. These were simply two statements. Yes it was a trick in that we were intended to think it was a question. Aside from that, my main complaint is again that with all the new materiel that is out there, the "Teaser o the Day" is instead an 8 year old dud (It befuddles me how it got a 3-star rating).

Posted by cutebug03/18/13
All I can say is GIVE ME A BREAK. Old and worn out. :evil: :evil: :evil:

Posted by gaylewolf03/18/13
Sorry, folks, but I must be in a different mood from most other people. It just made me laugh. Of course, each of you is correct - it was a silly trick. Have a great day!! :wink: :)

Posted by thecatladycac03/18/13
I had decided that "A cat" must have been the mother's name, but I was wrong since her name was "What" even though there was no question asked! :D and No, I didn't pay any attention as to the punctuation! (and I am a retired teacher!)

Posted by FatHead03/07/16
I would have preferred: Answer: "What" is the mother's name. I already told you that.

Posted by catmom03/29/16
:oops: :oops: :oops: Why do I always attempt these before coffee? answer: ??? :-? :oops:

Posted by BadBunnee0203/29/16
It's a fun teaser. It's challenging, cute, innovative, and a "trick". Live with it. And love and cherish Braingle for giving us the opportunity to discuss it thusly, even though Braingle is dying because most of you fail to realize or deal with that opportunity. Here's a couple of other things related to possible contemporary changes in grammar and punctuation "rules": 01. Should a comma be placed - in a series or group of items - before the last item and prior to a qualifier such as "and" or "or"? This teaser is a good example and has inflamed some commenters as to usage. Are there three items (Mopsy, Topsy, and Spot) or are there two items (Mopsy, Topsy and Spot)? Some writers, editors, and language mavens are using the extra comma to reduce confusion about the number of items. 02. Should a sentence stop (., ?, !, etc.) be placed inside or outside a final quotation mark (")? Again, some users now prefer placing it inside OR outside the quotation mark to clarify whether the sentence stop refers to just the item within quotation marks or refers to the entire sentence. Check it out. US (the BunnyBunch, again)

Posted by katamaster203/29/16
Loud groan!

Posted by wolfpackw203/29/16
Why is there an answer, when no question was asked?

Posted by gaylewolf03/29/16
I LOVED it! I thought the answer was A CAT. A cat had three kittens... Thanks for a good laugh! :)


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