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The Race - Part I

Submitted By:Sane
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Difficulty:**** (3.16)

Five competitors (two women named Alexa and Breanna, and three men named Larry, Arnold and Michael) recently decided they would race each other for a large prize. Before the race would start, each person decided to do a different aerobics class to try and become more fit and healthy. Each had already raced for a number of months in competitions (3, 6, 9, 12, 15). Their surnames are Anderson, Cameron, Douglas, Ewell and Farlin. After two months of aerobics each person noticed a different benefit from their exercise. From the clues below, can you match the full name of each competitor with the number of months they've raced before, the benefit each has experienced from aerobics, and the brand of sneakers each wears?

1. Arnold, who isn't surnamed Anderson, doesn't use Nike shoes.

2. Arnold has been racing for fewer months than the woman who noticed an increase in her energy level; she has been racing for fewer months than the friend who wears Brooks shoes.

3. The person who has been racing for the least amount of time is neither the man who uses Adidas shoes, nor another person surnamed Douglas.

4. The man who uses Reebok shoes has been racing longer than the person surnamed Ewell, who has been racing longer than the person who lowered his/her cholesterol level.

5. The person who has experienced weight loss began racing after the one who gained muscle tone and before Alexa (who doesn't use Nike).

6. Larry lowered his cholesterol level.

7. The one surnamed Anderson hasn't noticed any weight loss.

8. Ms. Ewell isn't the woman who gained muscle tone.

9. Ms. Cameron enjoys aerobics so much that she goes to the gym at least 5 times a week.


Larry lowered his cholesterol level (6).
The woman who has more muscle tone (8) isn't Alexa (5), so she's Breanna. The woman who noticed an increase in her energy level (2), then is Alexa.
Ms. Ewell isn't Breanna (8), so she's Alexa, and Ms. Cameron (9) is Breanna.
Arnold has been racing for fewer months than Alexa (2), so he hasn't experienced weight loss (5); he has more endurance, and Michael, by elimination, lost weight.
Alexa doesn't use Brook shoes (2), Adidas (3), Reebok (4), or Nike (5), so she wears Hushpuppy.
The person who has been racing for the shortest time doesn't wear Hushpuppy, Brooks (4), so he or she wears Nike.
The one who wears Nike sneakers, then, isn't Arnold (1), Michael, or Breanna (5), so he's Larry.
Breanna's shoes aren't made by Adidas (3), or Reebok (4), so they are Brooks.
Arnold has been racing for fewer months than Alexa (2), so he doesn't wear Reebok (4); Michael does, and Arnold, by elimination, wears Adidas.
The one surnamed Anderson isn't Arnold (1) or Michael (7), so he's Larry.
Arnold's surname isn't Douglas (3), so it's Farlin, and by elimination, Michael's is Douglas.
The one who has been racing for 15 months isn't Arnold, Alexa (2), or Michael (5), so she's Breanna.
Alexa hasn't been racing for 6 months (2) or 12 months (5), so for 9 months.
Arnold, then, has been racing for 6 months (2). By elimination, Michael has been racing for 12 months.

In summary:

Alexa Ewell, 9 months, more energy, Hushpuppy
Breanna Cameron, 15 months, muscle tone, Brooks
Larry Anderson, 3 months, lowered cholesterol, Nike
Arnold Farlin, 6 months, more endurance, Adidas
Michael Douglas, 12 months, weight loss, Reebok

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