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Submitted By:vanwil91
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Difficulty:* (0.35)

I come in many different colors but my main ones are red and white.

I am shaped like a cane.

A lot of kids like to eat me.

What am I?


A candy cane.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by darthforman05/23/05
Is this a teaser or a definition? EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by markmonnin05/23/05
OH WOW that was easy. Sorry. :)

Posted by thepianistalex05/24/05
Come on! It could be better! :wink:

Posted by nikapooh05/24/05
Your title gave it away. Wayyyy to easy.

Posted by sniperkid99005/24/05
there a line between easy and too easy i think this one is too easy but very well thoght out :D :D

Posted by bandnerdnproud705/24/05
This was suuuuuuuuuper easy! It was actually quite lame...then again, I just finished reading a really good one!

Posted by lordske05/24/05
Good for younger kids, but for anyone over 12 it was way to easy.

Posted by flygirl4ever05/24/05
Tooooooooooooooooo easy didn't require any thinking at all. :-? How long did it take you to think that up, and how do they think this qualifies as a brain teaser? :-?

Posted by bigSWAFF_69_05/24/05
hey, im only 12, and that was waaaaaay to easy for me. maybe good for 5 year olds?

Posted by SummerStorm05/25/05
Way too easy.. didn't even give my brain a workout. Sorry! :(

Posted by gilco05/30/05
very very easy!

Posted by triskit06/02/05
is it an ettibal tobbagon? :lol:

Posted by ricky567806/03/05
BAD and easy!

Posted by calog32106/04/05
that was really easy :-?

Posted by junk_kid06/06/05
ok 2 easy :roll:

Posted by lessthanjake78906/07/05
im almost sure thats the easiest "teaser" on the site... wow

Posted by Lunar_Light06/08/05
This makes "LEM-ADE" look like an SAT problem.

Posted by superben06/13/05
too easy :roll: :evil: :cry: :x :o sounds like definition

Posted by superben06/13/05
too easy :roll: :evil: :cry: :x :o sounds like definition

Posted by shadowmancer62606/14/05
that was so cheasy, and easy, i didnt even have to think. i could have done this in my sleep. :-?

Posted by shadowmancer62606/14/05
that was so cheasy, and easy, i didnt even have to think. i could have done this in my sleep. :-?

Posted by blonde_girl06/15/05
way too easy.

Posted by gilmoregirlsfan06/15/05
pathiticly easy!!!

Posted by Mr-matilda06/16/05
I think it was a nice and hard teaser

Posted by Roxy12306/16/05
Hey i got it and im under twelve. Hecka easy :roll:

Posted by goosh06/19/05 to make it a little harder next- it was way to easy :-?

Posted by sassy_10106/22/05
what did you guys expect? If you want hard teasers then watch the "hardness" levels. you don't have to find the easiest one on the site and then judge on it's easiness level. I think It was easy but that's what I expected.

Posted by sreejith06/29/05
this is soooooooooooooo easy.

Posted by baby403406/30/05
my sister did it and she is 5 it is to easy for anyone

Posted by zigthepig06/30/05
at least there was no brain strain!!!! :P

Posted by sambean07/09/05
too easy give less hints next time :wink:

Posted by Question_Mark07/11/05
Don't put the answer as your title! I didn't like it :evil: . It was too EASY :evil:!

Posted by hellokitty59307/11/05
Sorry, but this teaser was a little too easy. 8)

Posted by Cookie101007/13/05
2 easy :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by bigSWAFF_69_07/27/05
Whoa! It doesn't have any purple in the question mark any more! Probly a first I agree with some people, the title was a dead give away, expecially after you said "im shaped like a cane" Good if you wan't a simple riddle, but not if you wanted to get a had 'un

Posted by Janisha07/29/05
well, my 3 year old sister read it and go it right away, im surprised it wasnt rejected for being to easy

Posted by gorillazgirl08/03/05
Fun but very easy!! :lol:

Posted by thecowancannons08/04/05
that was easy!!!!! :D better luck next time :roll:

Posted by sassafras_sam08/07/05
since when was easy a bad thing??? this site is for people of all ages so forget the insult sooo whatever good job :D :wink:

Posted by MonkeyJoe08/16/05
that was fun!!! :D

Posted by DancAllNiteLong08/17/05
um, *no comment* this was a definition? :( sorry, but NO!

Posted by adioskater08/26/05
ok..i will be was pretty good :D

Posted by kayl_bayl09/09/05
r u serious? how is that a brain teaser? its candy and shaped like a cane...hmm...i wonder what it could be.

Posted by kayl_bayl09/09/05
sorry man. i guess sassy 101 is right. try harder though

Posted by Haylie150609/09/05
That was really easy, but you still did a nice job!

Posted by didak0409/15/05
That was hard! :-? ( :P ) Man if u want good comments you will have to make it much and when I mean much, I mean much harder! :x 0.9% difficult. Now that's a ριζιλι! That means embaressment! :oops:

Posted by smarty_blondy09/15/05
It wasn't easy, it was just... capable of being solved with ease. :wink: Don't worry about it, as practice makes perfect. Keep trying, working and submitting. :D

Posted by Llama-Llover09/22/05
Well, you got me on that one! :oops: I thought it was a chicken fried steak... :-? :-? :( :oops:

Posted by truetease09/29/05
Too easy!!! though i wouldn't mind having one right now!! :roll:

Posted by trumpetsgirl10/11/05
The answer was in the riddle and title and it was a good if you want one and want to make someone think somewhat :lol:

Posted by bamfan10/24/05
congrats on the E-Zest teaser on the site (no serosly chek it) But at lest u did it

Posted by homie12311/13/05
awww man... my brain hurts

Posted by Mora11/20/05
Man! that was so difficult! I'm not being sarcastic. I'm 15!

Posted by GirlyxGirlxMia11/25/05
That was wayyy too easy make um harder!! Some ppl like a challange... :roll:

Posted by mrbrainyboy11/25/05
yeah, title gave it away... if you had named it "shepard tools" :wink:

Posted by GoHarryPotterCS12/13/05
So simple you didn't even need a mind! Kool, but i'd suggest for future reference to make them a bit less obvious, what with the title and all, I got it after the first clue! :D

Posted by Nicky10112/16/05
I think this is a good warm-up teaser. Just to get used to figuring out things maybe. I still have to agree with everyone though. Sorry, too easy! :wink:

Posted by qqqq12/20/05
How rude can you get? It was a great teaser. 8)

Posted by DummyisDumb12/25/05
Wow...its even easier when its christmas... :D

Posted by pinkyjr12/27/05

Posted by princess_kayti101/16/06
Good for younger kids, but for anyone over 12 it was way to easy. Dude,im 9 and its easy for me,don't you mean for kids under 7 or so?

Posted by Katelin02/06/06
Ah, I thought it was nice. If people complain about it being too easy then they should pay attention to the fillings in the question marks. (I'm not trying to offend anyone with that, sorry.) After all, this site should have teasers that are better for children; there's got to be something for all ages. Besides, you're earning points! :wink:

Posted by teen_wiz02/09/06
Very, very easy. Good try. :-?

Posted by kashby03/05/06
the hint that said "i'm shaped like a cane" really gave it away. EZ :roll:

Posted by GoHarryPotterCS03/09/06
Ok, sry 4 posting again but my friend wants to comment: It was okay. I didn't like it that much but it made me hungry and good try.GOOD JOB :D

Posted by smartsy03/29/06
my 3yr. old sister figured that one out

Posted by bballer2104/04/06
no offense, but isnt braingle for teasers? that was not anything like a teaser!! :x :evil: :roll:

Posted by bballer2104/04/06
i agree w/ smartsy- how can braingle except that!?!?!?!?!!?

Posted by Blackbelt9206/08/06
it wuz way two hard! (jk)

Posted by Warstar06/10/06
whoaa man how long did u take to think it up?

Posted by blonde_genius07/20/06
*barfs* sorry... it was just really lame... try harder next time

Posted by GebbieRose08/18/06
Hey, guys, be nice!

Posted by mewbear1112/05/06
OMG I LOVE CANDY!!!! I thought it was a peppermint!! just kidding!! lol :lol:

Posted by PrettyAlto1212/05/06
I'm bored guys......candy is good...and i like it! But the teaser was like waaayyyyy to easy.......and I would like a harder one!! Well I am grounded soo see yah when i see you!

Posted by spicyhot12/09/06
it was cool :D

Posted by senther712/28/06
*yawn* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *yawn* borrring, and ez.

Posted by grungy4901/13/07
Gosh, my brain hurts now. Gee, thanks.

Posted by Blondie11601/20/07
nicely written, but i have to agree it was REALLY EASY!!!!

Posted by BLACK-lover01/22/07
Liked it but you kinda gave it away sorrryyyy :roll:

Posted by t4mt01/29/07
B nice ppls, It was easy but at least u got like 50 points! :lol:

Posted by rodeogirl02/18/07
it was to easy :cry: hey at least you tried i liked the consept though

Posted by coolcow3503/17/07
I liked it! Some people are very rude. If it's that bad, braingle won't accept it. Great teaser! Sort of easy but I still liked it. I don't get to many to begin with! :D :lol:

Posted by azngurlsuing03/17/07
easy hahahaha :D

Posted by npf200503/31/07
too easy. maybe if it was just the 1st clue, it would be harder

Posted by omgitsash07/24/07
e ea eas easy!! eas ea e

Posted by jamy40007/30/07
Bobo that was VERY RUDE!! Next time think about what you are going to post. Oh and really easy teaser but still a good one. :D

Posted by Anushka01/04/08
u guys should go get a life! u $%&@^%&@ looked under the easy section, and u expect to find something hard?! again, go get a life!

Posted by mewkisshu9604/21/08
This was an OK teaser. :lol:

Posted by chandesmiles06/13/08
w wa way way 2 way 2 e way 2 ea way 2 eas way 2 easy way 2 easy! way 2 easy way 2 eas way 2 ea way 2 e way 2 way wa w

Posted by Shadows12/21/08
Wow... I just read over all the comments, and you've NO idea how repetitive it was. :lol: Anushka, your comment was unnecessary. Using a bunch of symbols in place of swears is also against the rules.

Posted by Quickq07/01/09
Duh, is it a edible christmas tree? :lol: Seriously though, candy shaped like a cane. How easy can you get?

Posted by dormin6901/08/11
too easy :evil:

Posted by Gwendalla02/05/12
I could barely tell my family and friends this teaser because I was laughing so hard! I love it! So glad I found it! :D

Posted by cmma83703/07/14
That was HARD, NOT. That was the easiest, boringest, and worst riddle evervanwil91! :evil: :evil:

Posted by ghostwolf146812/11/14
a good one for christmas time :D :D

Posted by eighsse02/06/16
Well this was a stumper. I guessed creamed corn on a stick.


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