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Happy Birthday Jenny

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Jenny was four years old last week, and her parents threw her an extravagant birthday party. They hired five people to entertain, each in a different way and each for a different price ($50, $75, $100, $125, or $150). Determine the order in which the five entertainers performed, what each person did and his or her charge.

1. The entertainer who charged $125 and the entertainer who performed just after Kelly are, in some order, the puppeteer and a person who charged less than the person who sang the children's song.
2. The clown performed sometime after Wyatt and sometime before the person who charged $75.
3. Louis didn't charge $150.
4. The five entertainers were: Wyatt, the acrobat, the second entertainer, the person who performed just before Kelly, and the person who charged $25 more than the magician.
5. Noreen performed either just before or just after a person who charged less than Louis.
6. Kelly charged $25 more than the acrobat.
7. Alicia isn't the children's singer.


1st - Noreen, singer, $150
2nd - Kelly, magician, $100
3rd - Wyatt, puppeteer, $50
4th - Louis, clown, $125
5th - Alicia, acrobat, $75

Kelly didn't perform fifth - clue 1, or perform first - clue 4. If she performed 3rd, the 2nd performer would be listed twice in clue 4. Thus , Kelly was second or fourth. Suppose she was fourth. She isn't the acrobat, clue 6, so of the people listed in clue 4, Kelly would be the one who was paid $25 more than the magician. However, Kelly was paid $25 more than the acrobat - clue 6, so the acrobat and the magician would have charged the same amount. Therefore, Kelly was the second performer. Wyatt didn't perform 4th or 5th - clue 2. He wasn't before Kelly - clue 4, so he wasn't first; he performed 3rd. The clown came on fourth, and the person who charged $75 was 5th - clue 2. By elimination, the 5th person was 1st to perform. Of the people mentioned in clue 4, the clown is the one who charged $25 more than the magician. By elimination in clue 4, the acrobat performed 5th. Kelly charged $100 - clue 6. Wyatt performed just after Kelly (see above), so he is either the puppeteer or charged less than the singer - clue 1; in neither case is he the singer. He didn't charge $125 - clue 1. The clown didn't charge $50 (see above), so he charged either $125 or $150. Thus the magician charged $100 or $125 (see above). In neither case is Wyatt the magician (see above), so he's the puppeteer. The singer charged more than $125 - clue 1, so he or she charged $150. Therefore, Kelly isn't the singer, she's the magician. By elimination, the singer performed 1st and charged $150 (see above). The singer is neither Alicia - clue 7, nor Louis - clue 3, she's Noreen. The clown charged $125 (clue 4 and above). By elimination, Wyatt charged $50. Kelly charged less than Louis - clue 5, so Louis charged $125. By elimination, Alicia is the acrobat.

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