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Submitted By:Question_Mark
Fun:*** (2.49)
Difficulty:**** (3.38)

A palindrome is a word that reads the same when spelled backwards (eg rotavator).
How could the following word be considered a palindrome?



Footstool is a palindrome when written in Morse code. It looks like:

..-. --- --- - ... - --- --- .-..

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by silly_goose06/10/05
WHOA! That's flippin' awesome! :D

Posted by Lunar_Light06/10/05
A hint would have made it better. No one would have guessed that. At least I didn't...

Posted by froggygg06/10/05
Good one. Although, since I don't know morse code I could not, and did not, get the answer. Stumped me on this one and I'll venture to add that I will not be the only one you stump! :oops: :oops: :lol:

Posted by beastie_gurl06/10/05
i dunno morse code either :oops: if i did tho, i would have totally gotten that right!! good teaser!! :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by aznboi132406/10/05
Nice 1. Too easy for me lol. I just read a book about the morse code. Don't ask why but i did lol. Well good thinking tho. Did you get this of of a site?????? if you didnt good thinking. 8)

Posted by dewdrop06/10/05
wow that was quite the stumper!

Posted by jakeodee06/10/05
great teaser :D but honestly... does anyone here know Morse Code :lol:

Posted by triskit06/10/05
We were supposed to know that how? :-?

Posted by gilmoregirlsfan06/10/05
I agree w/ everyone else, I didnt get it :-? but if i new mores code then i would get it :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by flipflopchica06/10/05
Haha good one but I defenitly don't know morse code so there's no way I could've gotten it. :-?

Posted by zonahobo06/10/05
:D That's quite the language curiosity you've unearthed .. strangely clever... just sat down and dashed that out I'll bet.. :D

Posted by healthybrain2606/11/05
:-? :roll:

Posted by babybabe106/12/05
Oh my giddy, giddy gosh. That was sooooo hard, but yet, sooooo cool. I rate you, Mark. :wink:

Posted by Question_Mark06/12/05
For all of those who said something like "How were we supposed to know that?" Well, the teaser was designed to make you think...............................

Posted by atomsmasher2206/12/05
good point mark but stil...

Posted by tennistripleXXX06/12/05
A tip for the future... don't get too technical when writing brain teaser Question Mark! Good one anyway, even though i didn't get the answer right :wink: :-?

Posted by judydog106/13/05
Well done! Good to see someone else using morse code in a teaser. Very creative. I know the code, but didn't see that one coming. :roll:

Posted by sk8ergrl06/13/05
never would've guessed it

Posted by BrownEyes06/14/05
Woah! that seems impossible for anyone to know! :o

Posted by Krystle06/14/05

Posted by sweetime06/15/05
my answer was "you cant", especially as this was in the trick category

Posted by elyse06/16/05
Great teaser, but its not really a trick. More like trivia, as Morse code is unknown by many, as most trivia is. Since it was in the trick category, I literally thoguht the answer was lootstoof, but that doesn't make a word, so nevermind.

Posted by Question_Mark06/17/05
I'm actually sure I submitted this in trivia. I obviously put it in trick by mistake :roll: :roll: .

Posted by nikapooh06/19/05
A hint would have been nice.

Posted by trickyleprecaun06/20/05
a hint might havce been nice, but since there is no hint, it just makes it all the more fun and hard! nice trick! :D :D :D :D

Posted by PCDguitar06/20/05
i thought it would be if u swaped the F in foot and L in stool lol good thinking

Posted by xmadnetx06/22/05
..-. --- --- - ... - --- --- .-..???? :-?

Posted by metallicman06/23/05
I thought u meant if you took the f and the L away but it obviosly wasnt the answer... very good teaser though, even if i knew morse code wouldve never come to mind. 2shay :D :D :D :P

Posted by 86_this_rox06/23/05
too hard 4 me. :cry:

Posted by xmadnetx06/24/05
Whats the answer for this computer wont let me c the answer for this tease. :(

Posted by mgil9306/24/05
It was funny, but I think brainteasers are supposed to have you stumped until you read the answer, not have you stumped even after you read it. How much research did you do for this?

Posted by AmyJo020606/25/05
fun! i autually got it right... eventhough i pulled the answer out of the air, i still got it right!

Posted by okieman5107/05/05
really morse code? how dumb. Glad i looked at answer soon, cause i said no way Jose, ur answer was no help either. :o :o

Posted by sambean07/05/05
i never would have gotten it but it was good :D

Posted by ebonwolfe07/06/05
If you are going to use Morse Code as your answer then you should at LEAST give a hint to that in your Title or in the puzzle...otherwise you are might as well say it's in Braille...

Posted by gottalovetacsc07/13/05
What?????? :oops: :oops: :o :-?

Posted by zigthepig08/04/05
i was tryin 2 think of a nother name 4 footstool and that would b a palindrome but i was wrong.... :D

Posted by Celanba09/09/05
THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!! :evil: well I guess it would if I knew morse code, BUT IT STILL DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Posted by schaine10/08/05
come on now! do you really expect people to get this?????? :-? :roll:

Posted by jannie_delta10/23/05
Maybe this should be a language teaser... or something else... because a trick teaser is, by braingle defenition: Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy. Though this has a trick in it, its not easy, so it should be in another category. I thought this was interesting. Nice teaser.

Posted by ElectricYou10/24/05
The only thing I could come up with is to flip it an turn the end letters upside down. I know they L still wouldn't be an F and vice versa, but like I said, it was the only thing I could come up with :-?

Posted by ElectricYou10/24/05
GEEZ! Please excuse typos lol. I'm running on one hour of sleep. But I'm still managing to get some of these!

Posted by TheEarthling11/15/05
Ack! I don't know morse code! But it is very clever.

Posted by bookworm9111/28/05
I just happened to take Morse Code in middle school. HA yeah right. morse code never even craossed my mind. great one :D

Posted by ChattyMonkey11/28/05
That is AWESOME!!! 8) :lol: 8) :lol: How on earth would someone realize that???? :)

Posted by ChattyMonkey11/28/05
That is soooooo awesome!!! Are there anymore words like that?!?

Posted by rkaaland12/09/05
:lol: :lol: :lol: Ya got ME!!! Good one and maybe it will help me think outside the dots!

Posted by zonarita12/13/05
:D I do know MC but went with a new word same letters and just couldn't get an answer. I loved it. Great job. :D :D

Posted by skaven01/21/06
well done one of the few new and orignal trick teasers ive read in a while

Posted by mitzimesser01/28/06
I said, you can't, and I still say you can't. The morse code nanswer doesn't really work, because the word is not spelled backwords. :P

Posted by jajed112702/03/06
nice teaser

Posted by teen_wiz02/17/06
WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!! :o That's hard! Great one though! :D

Posted by bigSWAFF_69_03/05/06
Nice idea for a teaser :wink:

Posted by bamfan03/14/06
----- :) ---- :) :) --- :) :) :) -- :) :) :) :)

Posted by smiley_lover03/17/06
I don't know morse code :evil:

Posted by king_leonard03/24/06
didnt exactly no morse code if u didnt no there is something called a TELEPHONE!!!! lol but good teaser very well made :lol:

Posted by jj_is_cool03/29/06
wow :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by jj_is_cool03/29/06
whoops. that was suposed 2 be a pyramid. hannah-loottool-anna

Posted by Smart_Alex04/22/06
This is the hardest I ever heard and seen on this site.

Posted by Mellew05/07/06
I was reading ur wiki and this really is the hardest teaser on the site that i have seen so far :D P.S. i added u as a friend

Posted by wizofaus05/11/06
Very good...but I do think it could do with a hint. Something like "Don't let it drive you dotty!"

Posted by Question_Mark06/04/06
I'm sure this teaser had a great time being former-hardest teaser on this site :lol: :( . Thanx for all of your comments. :D

Posted by cyberstar515007/06/06
A hint would've been good, but it was definitely clever!

Posted by michelle361709/02/06
I'm glad I didnt spend too long trying to figure it out, because it never would have happened. ever.

Posted by Iamthedude5432111/17/06
Fooled me. All I thought of was... Nothing. :lol:

Posted by smartsy11/26/06
hey man umm.. i dont think any 1 knows morse code.. :-?

Posted by do_you_yahoo12/15/06
Great teaser. Never would of guessed morse code :] But maybe you should've had a hint, something like "the answer may not be in English" or something. Still good though.

Posted by senther712/19/06
hey! no fair! i dont know morse code!! :oops: :oops: :oops: good one still :D :D :D

Posted by bgil760401/24/07
No wonder it's rated the hardest out of all of them. No one could have possibly guessed that! :roll:

Posted by lavender01/28/07
:o Wow.

Posted by gallopingboo02/01/07
I Loved It! Excellent thinking!!! Are there any more like this...I would like to know! :D :P :o

Posted by dachshund2k302/10/07
wow. all i can say.

Posted by McBobby121203/02/07
i looked up "hardest" on quicksearch and this was it. congrats!

Posted by LeafFan4life03/06/07
what is MORSECODE!!

Posted by hersheyugget03/28/07
omfg leaffan4life im sorry but that is really really really really really sad. u are an insult to braingle

Posted by grilledcheese04/17/07
woah how the hell did you figure that out ha

Posted by luvias04/18/07
Wow, i never would have figured that out. Morse code, not my thing but good teaser! :D

Posted by jin10doh05/17/07
Whoa... that's a really good teaser! Morse code never even crossed my mind. That's probably because I don't know how to read it...

Posted by Hrsemn406/11/07
A nice teaser, informative, logical, and it did not assert that "footstool" itself was a palindrome, rather that there was a method by which it could be considered a palindrome. Well done.

Posted by King_of_Smart08/06/07
superb, fun, and hard teaser! :D

Posted by ava19934508/29/07
Wow. Were u just eating dinner one day when the thought, "Oh my goodness, footstool is a palindrome in Morse Code!"? Was this the result of some twisted revelation? Well, ill never understand it but it was a great teaser. :D

Posted by Anushka12/30/07
this was to make u think, not anthing to make a huge fuss about!!!!! mark is right, it is supposed to make u think, so all of u that said, how r we supposed to know that, a.go make a hard quiz and c that it is harder to make the quiz than to solve it and b. go pick some easier quizzes to solve rather than to critizize the hard ones because news flash! they r supposed to be hard!

Posted by pn_1612/31/07
cool... I was reading a book that has the morse code a while ago and i tried to learn it. But I didn't got his one.. :D Didn't think of Morse code. (btw i'm new here and i was shy to post a comment but gotta post this one 'cuz the teaser is cool)

Posted by 7mi2705/24/08
:oops: Didn't get that one......

Posted by javaguru01/08/09
It a cool teaser, but it sure could have used a hint. :-?

Posted by Nerine01/12/09
W.O.W!! That's amazing! :D :D :lol:

Posted by administrator03/09/09
I GOT IT! :D I've been coming back to this one on and off for a few days, trying different approaches. Doing one of the cryptography teasers gave me the idea to use Morse Code. Cool teaser! :D

Posted by mathisnice07/24/09
Good One! :D Extremly impossible! :lol:

Posted by MusiK12/26/09
i would've never guessed that in a million years :D

Posted by jazzygirl9601/08/10
it was good, but how come my spell check says lootstoof is a word?

Posted by Albert_Holmes03/14/10
never looked at palindromic morse codes....ever... anyway....still cool....

Posted by lunarrainbow06/14/10
My answer: it would be considered a palindrome by someone who had the wrong information on what a palindrome was.


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