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Olympic Swim Team

Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:*** (2.94)
Difficulty:**** (3.28)

Five swimmers (Adam, Brad, Carl, Doug, and Eric) have been preparing for the Olympics. It is now time for the swimming time trials. The five swimmers each compete in the four different strokes (backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle). The top three finishers in each event will qualify for the Olympic swim team in that stroke. Using the following clues, determine the order of finish in each of the four strokes.

1) Only one contestant qualified in all four strokes.
2) No contestant finished last in more than one event.
3) Adam finished better in the backstroke than he did in the butterfly.
4) Brad finished better than Doug in the butterfly.
5) Adam finished just behind Brad and just ahead of Eric in the breaststroke.
6) Doug finished just ahead of Carl in the freestyle.
7) Neither Brad nor Eric finished third in any event.
8) Eric's finish in the backstroke was the same as Doug's in the butterfly.
9) Doug only finished in the same position in the backstroke and the freestyle.
10) Carl finished in a different position in each event.
11) Brad finished only two events in the same position.
12) The contestant who finished second in the butterfly beat Doug in the freestyle.
13) The contestant who finished first in the freestyle did not qualify in the backstroke.
14) The contestant who finished fifth in the backstroke did not finish third in the butterfly.
15) No contestant finished in the same position in both the breaststroke and the butterfly.


Backstroke: Adam, Carl, Doug, Brad, Eric
Breaststroke: Doug, Brad, Adam, Eric, Carl
Butterfly: Eric, Adam, Carl, Brad, Doug
Freestyle: Eric, Adam, Doug, Carl, Brad

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by cinnamon3007/04/05
Awesome teaser. I really had to think to figure this one out. I love logic grids that are like this one. Excellent job. :)

Posted by chaskey07/04/05
I drowned! I couldn't even figure out how to use the grid on this one. :oops: I will just dry off and try again.

Posted by hotbeaverchick07/04/05
good one! :)

Posted by amanduh0507/05/05
i liked this one keep em comin i love logic grids and this one goes up top in my book i liked that this one made me think!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by scihead07/05/05
Wow. That was a tough one. Good Job! I loved it. :)

Posted by czar07/07/05
This took a lot of work - great challenge! At some point I realized I goofed and had to start over.

Posted by dreaminggemini07/15/05
Wow, great job! :)

Posted by FamilyInFilm07/17/05
I'm definitely missing something here -- I just can't get past a certain point in this. Feel free to e-mail me with a clue or tip! :-?

Posted by bobbyd07/19/05
One of the best logic grids I've seen! 8)

Posted by jajajaja07/27/05
Ahhh to much water and it's think or swim and I think I'll swim I just can't get this but it's a good teaser.

Posted by mejoza08/04/05
Really, really tough. I got the breaststroke and the backstroke mixed up several times, making my grid null and void. Aagh, but I like it. I saved it to my favorites. :o

Posted by goatroper60508/19/05
May I have a tylenol, please? :roll: :lol:

Posted by Rebeca08/19/05
Phew! That was easily the toughest logic grid puzzle I've ever tackled! At first it seemed I couldn't even get a foothold, and it took a lot of thinking and rethinking, but WOW, that's an awesome puzzle. Fabulous. Well done!

Posted by ellerphant08/30/05
best logic grid i have done!! make some more just like it. it stretched my brain and that feels good :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by orbrab09/19/05
I did it - but had to guess on the winner in breaststroke. Can you get all the answers from the clues??? :o

Posted by orbrab09/29/05
I answer it myself. YES you can. I finally made it. :D :D :D Thank you cnmne - exellent :P

Posted by chicaespanola10/05/05
Really good! This one really took some thinking!

Posted by dragon-B11/10/05
two hours and I still mixed up carl and doug.that was fun :lol:

Posted by DaveC11/12/05
:D I thought that this one was really going to be hard, and it was pretty hard, but I god so far and things just fell into place. I guess that just shows that it was a really well written puzzle. Things that seem complicated become simple when you see what is really going on....either that or else I have gone completely insane from solving 90 logic grid puzzles in the last few days!!!!! :o :roll: 8) :lol:

Posted by DaveC11/12/05
:oops: oops I meant to say that I GOT so far not god. sorry :oops: :wink: :cry:

Posted by TalkingOptimist11/30/05
Finally got it after resorting to trial and error! :roll: And I thought I was pretty good at these things!

Posted by harmonize901/01/06
i'm so proud of myself. this is one of the few grids that really needs logic to solve it. i loved this one.

Posted by elemandia01/09/06
I dont know how you solved this without guessing... :-?

Posted by smartstuff866401/09/06
this one is by far the hardest logic grid i've ever done!now my eyes hurt from trying to figure this on out and staring at this screen :o

Posted by elemandia01/11/06
Several tries and a couple hours later I figured it out. This is one of the best puzzles of done here. :D

Posted by Splatt01/15/06
Wow, this teaser is amazing. After the first time through, I thought - how will I ever figure it out with these clues? But I just kept going through the clues over and over again. I finally figured it out in an hour (with a few frustration breaks). Toward the end, things fell into place very fast. I wish I could figure out how to write teasers this hard. Good job and thanks.

Posted by usaswim04/24/06
you are pure talent, man, THAT WAS UNBELIEVEBLE 8) :D :wink: :) :P

Posted by rvmadrigal04/27/06
that took me forever!!! but it was really good! keep 'em coming! :D

Posted by thompson105/27/06
This was Great! Going to my favorites (and I don't have many of those!) By far the hardest I have done! :D :D

Posted by sundaisy22706/15/06
SO HARD!!! I had to give up. Great job.

Posted by Stormcrafter10/31/06
Took me a while, but I got it - brilliant grid, thumbs up :D One of the few logic grids that I've enjoyed (even if it was time consuming)

Posted by tsnipe2804/10/07
8) Eric's finish in the backstroke was the same as Doug's in the butterfly. Is it just me or does your answer negate this one??

Posted by tsnipe2804/10/07
nevermind ignore my stupid self... I read the wrong stroke

Posted by mom_rox09/08/07
Very tough puzzle. I was not able to complete this straight up. Like orbrab, I had to guess the breastroke winner. Then I had to guess Eric's finish in the backstroke, which led to guessing 5th place in the freestyle. Only one scenario conformed to the clues.

Posted by mom_rox09/08/07
oops - I meant to type breaststroke. Guess I had been looking at the logic grid too long. (spelled incorrectly on the logic grid, perhaps due to space requirements)

Posted by Rainsinger09/16/07
wow, I both love and hate these "Trial & Error" logic grids, As in testing which of 2 possibles is the winner of the breastroke, first. Then do the IF, THEN, Else - computer logic... *sigh*

Posted by Yankeejimg10/04/07
Amazing. I cannot imagine how anyone can design a puzzle like this. It is a fantastic job, and I congratulate you. Took me forever to complete. Keep them coming! :roll: :roll: :roll: :o :o

Posted by 4demo10/31/07
Wow, I can tell why this is the hardest logic-grid teaser on site! Fun but a real nightmare! :D

Posted by Bayareacwgrl11/19/07
YEAH!!!!! I did it. I have been coming back to this one for way too long. I just had to stop and think one more time and I got it!!!! Excellent job. This goes down as one of my favorites! :D

Posted by auntiesis06/10/08
I really loved this one, it gave me a workout. Thank you. Fun, fun, fun ! :lol: :D :lol:

Posted by chocaholic2911/16/08
I finally got this on my fourth attempt over five days. I kept stuffing up and finally, finally I got it! This is a brilliant puzzle - so difficult yet so much fun.

Posted by javaguru12/19/08
Nice teaser! It took me almost half an hour to solve even using the logic grid--very tough.

Posted by chandler77301/27/09
Best teaser ever!!! I started over 3 times and ended up with different answers each time (none of them correct), but I loved it nonetheless!

Posted by Provlear02/28/09
When a puzzle makes you resort to guessing because there aren't enough clues, that's lazy puzzlemaking. Also, i's either a cheap trick or a dumb choice to ahve two categories named "strokes". A simple way to blow a few minutes but there are far better logic puzzles out there.

Posted by cnmne03/01/09
There are enough clues to solve this teaser. There are also no tricks. However, there are no explicit pairings, such as 'Carl finished 3rd in the butterfly'. While this does require some thinking outside the box, the teaser can be solved ... logically.

Posted by braindeadmommia04/05/09
Wow! That was a challenger. Good exercise. Took about 1.5 hours. Had to make a couple of different grids to be able to think about the information gathered and then cross-check from one to the other. I had tried this one months back but didn't have the time to spend. I usually like them challenging but only have a short time to figure them out. Thanks! :D

Posted by bigpat04/28/09
Amazing puzzle. For those non-believers out there this puzzle IS solveable without guessing anything at all!!! It took me a couple hours and I had to start over 3-4 times due to getting breaststroke and backstroke mixed up, but I still got it.

Posted by trewq08/29/09
whoo hoo!!!! i finally got it :D i'm so proud :lol: just kidding. i had to print it out but is till got it! hard, but enjoyable :D :)

Posted by Dannysgirl11/15/09
Just because someone likes brain teasers doesnt make them a geek, just makes us someone that likes logic grids you moron and i have a great life and an awesome fiance....And even though I am still working on this teaser, it is a great one. Good work!!!

Posted by hellokitty06/27/10
:cry: Too Hard

Posted by danielculla10/30/12
guys whats your iq? :P

Posted by Forsythia31412/14/15
I managed to do it in my head :), it took me around 3-4 hours. But I had to use a it or trial and error.

Posted by Authwarth01/03/18
Took me two hours! But worth it :D :D


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