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Trilogy Part 3: Have You Herd?

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Note: You will need the answers from Trilogy Part 1 and 2 to complete this logic grid.

The five cowboys are just about done chewing the fat for the day and are ready to return to their ranches. Each man owns a different ranch (one is the Rolling T Ranch), no two of which are the same size (3000, 3500, 4000, 4500 and 5000 acres). Each man raises a different type of cattle on his ranch and every year he hosts a different event (including an autumn hayride) on his sizable spread. All in all, it's good to be home on the range! From the info provided, can you determine the size of the ranch owned by each rancher, the type of cattle each rancher raises and the special event each man hosts annually?

Men - Carl Lovelace, Hank Brooks, Pablo Sanchez, Rusty Ewing, Zeke McCool
Ranch - Circle Star, H Bar, Lazy K, Rolling T, Square Z
Size - 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500 and 5000 acres
Cattle - Brangus, Hereford, Lourdais, Shorthorn, Simmental
Event - Auction, Barn Dance, Cookout, Hayride, Rodeo

1. The H Bar ranch (which is owned by Mr. McCool) is exactly 500 acres smaller than the one housing a herd of Hereford Cattle.

2. The man wearing Sunset boots (who raises Brangus cattle) isn't the cowboy who owns the Square Z ranch (who hosts an annual rodeo).

3. The ranch housing a herd of Lourdais cattle is exactly 500 acres smaller than the spread owned by the man wearing a calico shirt (who hosts an annual springtime barn dance).

4. The cowboy in position D (who owns the largest ranch) isn't the man who hosts an annual charity auction (who raises Shorthorn cattle).

5. Neither the rancher wearing Oil Baron boots nor the owner of the Lazy K ranch is the one who raises Hereford cattle.

6. The Circle Star ranch isn't the one that houses a herd of Simmental cattle. Mr. Sanchez doesn't host the annual rodeo.

7. Hank isn't the owner of the 3500-acre ranch. The annual summer cookout isn't the event held at the 4000-acre ranch.


Carl Lovelace - Lazy K ranch, 4000 acres, Brangus cattle and Hayride
Hank Brooks - Square Z ranch, 3000 acres, Lourdais cattle and Rodeo
Pablo Sanchez - Circle Star ranch, 5000 acres, Hereford cattle and Cookout
Rusty Ewing - Rolling T ranch, 3500 acres, Simmental cattle and Barn Dance
Zeke McCool - H Bar ranch, 4500 acres, Shorthorn cattle and Auction

Carl Lovelace raises Brangus cattle (2).
Zeke McCool owns the H Bar ranch (1).
Rusty Ewing wearing a calico shirt hosts the annual Barn dance (3).
Pablo Sanchez who is in position D owns the 5000-acre ranch (4).
Rusty doesn't raise Brangus cattle (2), Lourdais (3), Shorthorn (4) or Hereford (5). Therefore he raises Simmental cattle.
Rusty isn't the owner of the H Bar ranch (1), Square Z (2), Lazy K (5) or Circle Star (6). Therefore he's the owner of the Rolling T ranch.
Pablo Sanchez doesn't raise Lourdais (3) or Shorthorn (4). Therefore he raises Hereford cattle.
The H Bar ranch is 4500-acres (1). Pablo [largest ranch (4)] doesn't own Lazy K ranch (5), Square Z (6), or Rolling T [Rusty]. Therefore he's Circle Star ranch.
Carl doesn't own the Square Z (2), so he owns the Lazy K ranch. Hank owns the Square Z ranch and hosts the annual rodeo (2), so he doesn't raise Shorthorn [auction (4)]; he raises Lourdais, only one left.
Hank doesn't own the 3500-acre (7) or 4000-acre because Rusty's ranch is 500 acres bigger than Hank's (3) and if Hank was 4000 Rusty would have to be 4500, but we already know Zeke owns the 4500-acre ranch. Therefore Hank owns the 3000-acre ranch.
Rusty therefore owns the 3500-acre ranch (3) and Carl owns the 4000-acre ranch, only one left.
Carl isn't the cookout (7) or auction [Shorthorn cattle (4)]. Therefore he's the hayride.
Zeke hosts the annual charity auction (4); therefore Pablo hosts the cookout, only one left.

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