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Lucky Numbers and Favorite Letters

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A teacher asked his students to write on one piece of paper their favorite letter and on another their lucky numbers. Four of his students forgot to write their names down. They were Anna Reams, Ethan Gold, Maria Scott, and Ryan Martin. The teacher asked whose they were and the students decided to write him clues. The clues were:

*Maria's lucky number is either 5 or 30.

*Ethan's favorite letter is R.

*The person whose name starts with the letter closest to the beginning of the alphabet has the same favorite letter as the first letter in their name.

*Ryan's lucky number is even.

*Anna's lucky number is either 5 or 15.

*Ryan's favorite letter is the letter that starts his last name.


Ryan= 30, M
Maria = 5, E
Ethan= 3, R
Anna = 15, A

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