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Jungle Gym Hoopla

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After the sandbox disaster the week before, five fathers were in charge of taking the children to the park. The fathers did not want to have the same mix-up with the sandbox that their wives went through, so this week they kept all their children on the jungle gym. Everything was going good until it was time to leave and the kids had to put their shoes on. It was at that time that the fathers realized that the shoes were all mixed up. Can you help these fathers figure out which shoes belong to which child?

The Fathers: Pete, Sam, Mark, Kaleb, and Zander.

The Children: Zach, Tim, Chris, Laura, and Natalie.

The Shoes: Black, Red, Yellow, Green, and Pink.

1) Pete bought his son black shoes, but his son is neither Chris or Tim.
2) Chris hates the colors green and pink, but his friend Laura loves green.
3) Sam, Tim's dad, was searching for shoes the same color as a firetruck.
4) Kaleb and Zander are the only dads with daughters.
5)Natalie's dad is not Kaleb.


Pete is the father of Zach who has Black shoes.

Sam is the father of Tim who has Red shoes.

Mark is the father of Chris who has Yellow shoes.

Kaleb is the father of Laura who has Green shoes.

Zander is the father of Natalie who has Pink shoes.

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