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Word Temple ~ The Search For Tutankhamen

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Professor History of Teaser Town, was in the middle of a school day, and teaching his students about Egyptian times. Not a few hours later did he think up an idea.

He decided to take a field trip to find the lost temple of Tutankhamen.

The next day, the arrangements were made, and the group was out on a desert and searching for something, anything that would lead them there. One of the kids soon found a stone that they thought was the answer to where the lost temple is.

The stone had a bunch of clues written on it, a Word Temple decipher Professor History soon found out.

A Word Temple decipher, is a listing of clues that correspond to words. These words will make a temple, or triangle (starting with a 1 letter word) by adding one letter to the next word, and rearranging the letters to make a new word. The clues do not have to be in the same order as the temple is shaped.

Can you help Professor History and his students find the lost temple of Tutankhamen?

Stone's Clues:

1. Math symbol used in the area of many circular objects.

2. A very rare word for "surname".

3. Forcible seizure of another's property; plunder

4. Coniferous Tree

5. Homonym of the answer to clue 1

6. 1st person, personal pronoun

7. Signer of Declaration of Independence; first name "Thomas"

8. Not mixed with other substances; pure


I (clue 6)
PI (clue 1)
PIE (clue 5)
PINE (clue 4)
PAINE (clue 7)
RAPINE (clue 3)
PLAINER(clue 8)
LANPHIER (clue 2)

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