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Frazer's Spiral

Submitted By:Jake
Fun:**** (3.37)
Difficulty:** (1.9)

Does this look like a spiral? It's actually a bunch of concentric circles. Use your mouse to trace one circle and you will see that you come back to where you started instead of spiraling into the center.


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Comments on this teaser

Posted by luckythirteen02/09/06
woah. very good

Posted by runscapekiller02/09/06
I even traced it and it's still a spiral

Posted by zonasurance02/09/06
wow! this made my head hurt a bit but I traced it and it worked!

Posted by teen_wiz02/10/06
The tracing totally does work! This is really cool! :D

Posted by Brainy_102/10/06
Whoa!! :roll: I'm dizzy! This was cool! :) :lol:

Posted by Swordoffury139202/10/06
Wow! That is amazing!!! This is probably the first one on the site that I have never seen before. :D 8)

Posted by kc201002/11/06
its still a spiral no matter wat...sorry :x :roll:

Posted by Riddlerman02/13/06
Very clever conjunction with the background there! Top marks, Braingle!!!

Posted by ragethe3rd02/14/06
oooo :o

Posted by solarsistim32102/14/06
seen it a MILLION TIMES! but stil liked it. you should see the one with the picture of the Mona Lisa out of burnt toast

Posted by what_the_deuce02/15/06
Cool that was nice good job :D

Posted by a_person02/15/06
lOL i LOVE this TEASER its SO cool I love CHICKENS!!!!!! their SO cool!!!!! BWUCK BWUCK BWUCK!!!!! :D :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: 8)

Posted by jlvsbeks02/16/06
i think i need a new mouse :wink: that was cool :D :) 8) :lol: :wink: :P :) :( :P sorry about all the smilies i'm really hyper right now oh no it won't take them all! i can only have 10 thats no fun!

Posted by decrapitation02/16/06
Hah Hah my friend. Very nice Braingle. I love this. It looks like a spiral. Made me dizzy ♥ ♥ ♥ :D :) :evil:

Posted by smrtr_thn_u02/17/06
OMG i have never seen this one b4. I actually had to trace my mouse around the circles! Too cool! :lol:

Posted by SPUTNIK202/18/06
Whoa, Jump back! I didn't believe it at first , my eyes lied on me, I traced the line with a felt tip on my monitor and of course braingle was correct, another great illusion!! 8)

Posted by SPUTNIK202/18/06
Hey Solar its not the Mona Lisa on toast, its s'ppose to be Mother Teresa :lol:

Posted by yo_girl02/19/06
Freaky. My head hurts 8)

Posted by thecoolperson02/20/06

Posted by sueintexas02/20/06
Awesome, hard to believe it is circles.Had to prove it to myself with the mouse lol :D

Posted by Angel_of_Cruxis02/23/06 head! ^___^ JK

Posted by bigSWAFF_69_02/24/06
Finally, one that isn't on every Op. Illusion site.

Posted by hotdogsforme02/27/06
wow, that was very great :roll:

Posted by MattNate02/27/06
I think it has something to do with how the shades of gray are simiular,but i like it :wink:

Posted by broken_dreams03/04/06
this was awesome! i loved it! :D

Posted by riddlelover03/06/06
I like optical illusions...tho they're evil ... :bad:...jk. I liked this...! :D

Posted by kashby03/08/06
ow, now my eyes hut, whoa. :o

Posted by MattNate03/09/06
8) what i meant was that since their simular its a little harder to see so its hard to know what they are.does anyone agree with me.i really like this one, send some more

Posted by MattNate03/09/06
:-? sorry for spelling they're wrong

Posted by MattNate03/09/06
i don't think thats the only reason, i think the last ones come off the page what makes it look 3D,and i think peaple are used to that desine being a spirill

Posted by 98_angel03/11/06
nice one , but i'm kind of confused my eyes moght pop out :o

Posted by Methlos03/12/06
my eyes hurt

Posted by soccerstar_151503/13/06
woooooooooo :roll:

Posted by coldfire03/14/06
COOL.. can anyone explain how could this happens?? :o

Posted by mitzimesser03/17/06
:D This one is freaky cool. I copied it & I'm going to put it on my desktop to freak people out! :o

Posted by pianostar321203/20/06
that was cool!!! so dizzy!!! :roll:

Posted by katieevs03/21/06
This is really cool although it made my eyes go funny after a while!! :lol: :lol:

Posted by mrfatbat03/21/06
Do not eat before doing this one! what a strain on my poor brain :-?

Posted by lukeschett03/21/06
I was too lazy to trace it but it still n00bz0rsed.

Posted by Unstumpable03/29/06
Iâ™ LOVEDâ™ IT! It was all the cooler though when i got my vison back after staring at if for 30 mins without tracing to see if i could get it. :lol: :roll: I still didn't get it until i traced it though, lol :oops: Still, great one. I wish they updated more :cry:

Posted by calmsavior04/07/06
actually the little stripes along the circles seem to form a spiral

Posted by steverbeaver304/09/06
coldfire: It probably has something to do with the stripes on the circles. DO you see how they curve in? Love it!

Posted by bebo04/14/06
creepy yet cool

Posted by mrndcmch04/22/06
awesome :D

Posted by BrownEyes04/25/06
Eh... it's okay.

Posted by rlb061304/26/06
I had to trace several circles several times before I believed that one. That was great!!!!!!!!

Posted by tonjawithaj04/28/06
very cool! 8)

Posted by Lui31204/29/06
Woah!My head is spinning! :lol:

Posted by Cridol04/30/06
â™ it is eye-boggling :roll:

Posted by blagh05/04/06
Actually, there are no circles... plenty of arcs though I know, some people are picky

Posted by fleur_delacour_05/06/06
whooo!!!!!!!!that was KE-RA-ZZZYYY!!!! but cool!why do you have so many of them anyways? :D :-? :P :roll: :) 8) :oops: :wink: sorry bout the smileys i am hyper!

Posted by Psychic_Master05/11/06
That was REALLY cool!!! :D

Posted by osunale05/14/06
Love this one!

Posted by stang9905/16/06
:D I know, its just happening çause of the check pattern behind it. I can actually see the place where it changes the circle but the mouse never goes on it. It's great, pal. :lol:

Posted by Jimbo05/21/06
Now that's a new one. I like it! :roll:

Posted by brainiac_blonde05/22/06
...woah! that was so eyes hurt... ~#CK#~

Posted by jed1239506/01/06
Very Weird..But Cool :lol:

Posted by KooliKoolKid9406/04/06

Posted by Psychic_Master06/05/06
Awesome one, Jake! :D

Posted by IMCUL4E06/05/06
:o COOLEST ONE YET! :D :lol: 8)

Posted by sftball_rocks1306/06/06

Posted by patm06/08/06
Wow, I had to trace it three times, but it works. Really cool!

Posted by Blackbelt9206/08/06
Lets look at this in a scientific way. Ok, so you're looking at a spiral. It completly appears to go downwards, creating an optical allusion to my mind. But is there more than just the downward spiral? That is the trick optical allusions have on your Dual-brain nerves, located at the top right and left-hand corner of your head. Dual Brain-nerves allow humans and most intellectually-functioning beings to think clearly. This is also why we feel dizzy and make unacurate comments like "my brain hurts". As you have just annalyzed, your brain does not actually hur, it is your dual brain nerves. Also, i still have no idea why they are called that, as the are not even close to being part of your brain, as they are located right below the thick head plating known as th skull. so just to clear up any inacurate speech, i wanted to inform you all of this. Also, The allusion was ok i guess, it is certainly not as good as others are saying, because it only held my attention for a minute, right before i figured it out.

Posted by PinkyandBrain06/10/06
oooo :o

Posted by danielzerman06/18/06
good spiral... just kiding :D

Posted by Muzozavr06/19/06
I traced it and yes, it's a serie of circles. BUT my mouse went to a wrong point lots of times. :-? Wacky. Fun. Strong. What else do you need from an optical illusion?

Posted by brits199406/22/06
AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!I Love IT :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by brits199406/22/06
AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!I Love IT :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by akl2106/27/06
That's neat.

Posted by Vizth07/04/06
Really cool, but my brain hurts now. :D

Posted by basketball10107/05/06
that was cool and i can't believe u have 71 comments on it now

Posted by devils40007/06/06
good one.where do you come up with this stuff :lol: 8) :lol: :evil: :o :D :roll: :P

Posted by kukuzyavochka07/13/06
hehe...good one.

Posted by SandUtil07/16/06

Posted by blonde_genius07/19/06
Great... :D :lol: ... now let me go barf I am so dizzy!!!! :-? :( :roll:

Posted by Dishhead508/11/06
i am dizzy, confused and... happy......... :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: I LOVE MOLES!!! THEY ARE SO COOL!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by psiloconrib08/24/06
this is one of the better ones that i have ever come across

Posted by TheSmartest09/18/06
After realizing that it wasn't a spiral, I said, out loud: "Whooaaa, Ok, This is funky..." lol Anyway, awesome illusion!

Posted by ddr_hula_sing09/27/06
awesome!! made my eyes kind of funny though! :D :o

Posted by mrguyguy10/01/06
:o holy crap

Posted by Lizzie71310/28/06
Ohh My Goodness :o That is awesome :D Thanks :D

Posted by khedron12/11/06
Does anyone know what the heck Blackbelt92 is talking about?

Posted by shut_up12/15/06
ok there has to be a catch to this thing really look at the middle it DOES! start spiraling it just looks like that cuz a certain part of the circles get close to each other its so obvious really only a genuis could figure that out DUH but cool illusion tho :wink:

Posted by i_luv_2_read12/21/06
oooooooooo......aaaaaaaaaaaaa my brain hurts....

Posted by ari_112/27/06
cool!!! man my eyes hurt!! :lol:

Posted by Pizzazz2u12/31/06
A Superb trick for the mind and eyes. Totally amazing, Jake! :wink: Keep up the great work. 8) :wink:

Posted by WhitenerdyAl01/13/07
awesomo! :roll: :P :-? :D :wink: :oops: 8) :) :cry:

Posted by xxilove_ihatexx01/13/07
one word : woah

Posted by bgil760401/24/07
This is awesome. I would have never figured out they were concentric circles until I used my mouse to trace it. I'm still dizzy! :roll:

Posted by freebush9201/29/07
we just learned about concentric circles in geometry...i never wouldve figured this out though! :P

Posted by cooltigerr103/31/07
ooohhhhh another part that makes it confusing is the backround! lol this keeps me entertained and it doesnt do anything! :lol:

Posted by alicexcore04/03/07
Woah. That's pretty intense. 0_0 I had to trace it like ten times because I kept messing up. Dang. :lol:

Posted by turtle04/20/07
Nice one :D

Posted by MikeMan121604/30/07
I like that one. It's very illusion-y... :P

Posted by BrieCheese05/02/07
I've seen this one a million times. :-? Good one anyway

Posted by saxman05/04/07
I love eye benders. :lol:

Posted by katiekinnss105/17/07
that is awsome :D

Posted by msgirl05/27/07
aahhh :o

Posted by Tyquas05/30/07
kc2010 it realy isnt a spiril if you traced it corectly.

Posted by Tyquas05/30/07
geeeeez. does anyone have any glasses? my eyes are killing me. no wait thats the illution 8) O_O thats just to coooool ^0^ ohh my eyes my eeeeyyyyeeeees! :lol:

Posted by lilrena4ever05/31/07
LOL!!!IT LOOKS LIKE IM ENTERING A SWIRLING VORTEX!!lol!!!!The best one i've seen 2day!

Posted by auntiesis06/12/07
Cooooooool !!!! Love optical illusions. More , please.

Posted by FutureMD06/18/07
This is a very interesting optical illusion-though I have to admit that I am not partial to these types of optical illusions-I HATE to be proven wrong!

Posted by offsky07/13/07
Made me dizzy

Posted by offsky07/13/07
My head hurts now

Posted by offsky07/13/07
My head hurts now

Posted by offsky07/13/07
My head hurts now

Posted by chiliwormeater407/30/07
WOW that really was driving me crazy. I traced it with my mouse and it really does work. I saved the picture and used one of my programs that i made to check if the spiral is really centric circles or fake.

Posted by Paranoia_Agent08/15/07
I could sound smart and analyze why exactly the spiral appears as it does (as some others have) but why bother? It's a great optical illusion, who cares why it works the way it does! *it definitively hurt my eyes too O.o*

Posted by swirlingmist08/17/07
Wow, that's a nice thing to see when you wake up! Very cool!

Posted by Brock08/22/07
:P :D :-?

Posted by codecraker10/07/07

Posted by codecraker10/07/07

Posted by EienNiKirei10/19/07
That was really cool ...dizzy :o

Posted by doglc11/09/07
whoa that was kool 8) and interesting!

Posted by music_princess11/23/07
whoa that was creepy crazy :)

Posted by xlrfreak12/07/07
man this thing is reaalii weird :o

Posted by beriesNcreamx2812/19/07
that is so cool :o

Posted by CatsAreCute12/20/07
It's a spiral! :-? :D OW!! My eyes!!! :o

Posted by steeler8401/16/08
:o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Posted by lauren044--01/20/08
Whooooaaaa... Freeeaaaakyyyy.... :o

Posted by emily10301/20/08
Wow. Cooooool. :D

Posted by Solwyvern01/26/08
8) great illusion

Posted by jss21xoxo02/22/08
WOW.... :D

Posted by kulomofojo02/28/08

Posted by megagymnastics103/19/08
Wow thats pretty cool :roll:

Posted by Lita_Lightheart03/21/08
aaaaa my eyes hurt and I'm dizzy! That was really fun :D

Posted by pn_1604/29/08
cute :D

Posted by 7mi2705/28/08
COOL!!! I'm dizzy now.... :roll:

Posted by DrPepper9606/11/08
Woah. I'm dizzy now.

Posted by xbrittaneyzx06/14/08
that was really cool! :D

Posted by lupus06/26/08
very cool, love it!

Posted by HawkGarcia07/08/08
That's a weird one. :o

Posted by TiNY_PUNK_ROcK09/06/08

Posted by Elios10/28/08
Wow. :o I had to trace it using 2 fingers (1 to trace, 1 to mark my spot) about 3 times before I believed it. Wicked! :lol:

Posted by coolcat53511/25/08
awsome dude it made me a little dizzy but it is soooooooooooo cool! :roll: :P :lol: 8) :D :) :o

Posted by Zinger11/28/08
wow that was hecka cool!! i didnt believ it was just circles for a second :D

Posted by bradon18200112/09/08
I had to do as Elios did to actually trace the circle. Really awesome. :o

Posted by here212/24/08
even tracing it with my mouse, my eyes keep telling me it is a spiral. This is a favorite.

Posted by Strakk01/12/09
Is that even a spiral? :-? Who is that Frazer guy anyway? :x Just kidding... :D Nice teaser though... :cry: :( :) :D :lol:

Posted by Matttoy01/18/09
This Spiral is awesome! :D

Posted by deltabelle01/22/09
very cool. First time I've seen this one! :D

Posted by CullenBaby04/18/09
ohh, that is cool...interesting indeed :o my head hurts now :roll:

Posted by Shelilah04/18/09
this makes me dizzy!

Posted by mir7705/18/09
i acedentally looked at the circle and soirals at same time, now my eyes like :cry: and i so dizzy, i might hurl :o hope i dont :(

Posted by valencia07/21/09
the spiral was really kool :)

Posted by xxsoftballxx13x02/26/10
Oh my...I am so dizzy...but it was cool :o

Posted by gathena05/26/10
Man it looks soooooooo much like a spiral yet the person who posted this is right it is just a bunch of circles connected! But still it is an awsome quiz! :o

Posted by Starkiller06/23/10
It kinda looks like either a vortex or a wormhole, the way I viewed it

Posted by empatuan02/08/11
IT'S A SPIRAL!!!! :x

Posted by Illusionist02/14/11
So cool! Jake, you're awesome.

Posted by morlolet02/22/11
That was an amazing one!!! I was Almost 10090 sore that was a spiral!!! :D

Posted by PREMAZH03/01/11
This is a nice one...... :o

Posted by Quarter_Queen05/17/11
Ah... Queen's eyes hurt >.

Posted by Mandy707/27/11
omg that is sooooo cool! i dont think i wood have believed it if i hadent tried it myself! btw thatz a LOT of commentz! :o

Posted by Sabrina1019009/19/11
Thats cool! :) I like it.

Posted by Benjiboo11/05/11

Posted by Melanmel1604/10/12
lol i keep messing up with my mouse 8)

Posted by charlottes-odd04/25/12
Oooohhh... :o... Soo prettttyyyy.... :o...

Posted by brains2beauty9606/15/12
So very cool! :D

Posted by kmrutledge09/04/12

Posted by Obilio12/11/12
Woah, That's cool. never seen this one before, Thanks :)

Posted by scv8903/29/13
Very nice!

Posted by goodluck192305/11/13
Cool spiral! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :D :D :D :lol:

Posted by SaraGrace07/30/13
I love this impossible spiral. :lol: :lol:

Posted by DropSquad11/28/13
The lines are black and white and are curved and slanted producing the spiral effect.

Posted by Jake07/01/14
Glad you like it

Posted by stitch-ex62610/26/14
That puzzle was almost as confusing as kittens!!! (>''

Posted by LanceAlot12/03/15
Crazy stuff!

Posted by Abigail-Grace11/14/16
Meh eyes are hurting! Help! :o

Posted by THElogicalRESON04/17/17
This is mesmerizing


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