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Coenobita Confusion

Submitted By:PineappleMama
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Difficulty:*** (3.06)

I love to climb up high in trees,
digging holes, and feeling the breeze.
I eat eggs, apples, carrots, meat,
even peanut butter, is a treat.
Around the world, my kin are found.
"Chirping" is our signature sound.

So, what am I?


A Land Hermit Crab!
Coenobita Clypeatus is the most commonly found land hermit crab in the United States. Also known as purple pinchers, or Caribbean crabs, these guys have been found miles from the coast. Hermies are scavengers by nature and enjoy having a variety of foods to choose from. My hermies happen to love peanut butter, raisins, sweet potatoes, and bananas! Purple pinchers are also known for being the most "fashion conscious" of the land hermit species. These guys LOVE to change shells, sometimes spending hours "shell swapping." Listening to these guys "chirp" is like nothing else I've ever heard. It's not quite like a cricket, or a mouse, or really anything I can think of, but it is fascinating!

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