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A series of burglaries has plagued London. The famous private investigator, Sheerluck Holmes, is on the case. He has five suspects. As usual, Sheerluck has bungled again, and has lost his notes. Fortunately, he has memorized some of the clues. Help Sheerluck determine each man's age, height, weight, and hair color. Also, help identify the culprit so that he can be put behind bars.

Men: Ben, Gus, Ron, Sam, Tim
Ages: 29, 32, 37, 42, 46
Weights: 166, 178, 190, 201, 216
Heights: 5'8", 5'9", 6'0", 6'3", 6'4"
Hair (descending order of darkness): black, brown, red, blonde ... plus bald

1) The man who is 6'0" tall is older than the man who weighs 178 pounds, who is older than Ben (one of these is the guilty man).
2) Ron weighs more than the brown-haired man, who weighs more than the man who is 32 years old.
3) Ben is taller than the blonde-haired man, who is taller than the man who weighs 166 pounds.
4) The man who is 32 years old has darker hair than the man who weighs 190 pounds, who has darker hair than Tim (one of these is the guilty man).
5) Each man has one measurement (age, weight, or height in inches) that is an odd number.
6) The youngest, the lightest, and the shortest ... are three different men ... and do not have red hair (the guilty man is not among them).
7) The oldest, the heaviest, and the tallest ... are three different men ... and do not have black hair (one of these is the guilty man).
8) Ben and Gus have a weight difference of 12 pounds.
9) Sam and Tim have a height difference of 3 inches.
10) Ron is not 4 years older or younger than any other man.
11) The guilty man does not have blonde hair.


First, fill in as much of the grid as possible, while ignoring the clues about the guilty man. Then, use those clues to fill in the rest of the grid. Given that the grid has been correctly filled, the following conclusions can be drawn.

A) From clues 1 and 4, we know that the guilty man is one of the following: 6'0" and 32, 6'0" and 190, 6'0" and Tim, 178 and 32, 178 and Tim, Ben and 32, Ben and 190.
B) From clue 6 and since Ben is the youngest, Ben can be eliminated. Since Ben weighs 190, 190 can also be eliminated. This leaves the following combinations: 6'0" and 32, 6'0" and Tim, 178 and 32, 178 and Tim.
C) From clue 6 and since the lightest man is also 32, 32 can be eliminated. This leaves: 6'0" and Tim, 178 and Tim.
D) Both of the remaining pairs involve Tim, so Tim is the guilty man.
E) From clue 7 and since Tim is neither the heaviest nor the tallest, he must be the oldest, or 46.
F) From clue 11, Tim can not have blonde hair.

Ben, 29 years, 190 pounds, 6'4", brown
Gus, 42 years, 178 pounds, 6'3", blonde
Ron, 37 years, 216 pounds, 5'8", bald
Sam, 32 years, 166 pounds, 5'9", black
Tim, 46 years, 201 pounds, 6'0", red, guilty

Another case solved by sheer luck.

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