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Shiny Hair

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A lady, very concerned about her appearance and the environment, was being interviewed about keeping her beauty without compromising on environmental issues. When she was asked how she managed to keep her hair so shiny and silky without washing it every day, she declared she never washed it!
How could this be true?


According to scientific research, after an initial period of about 2 weeks, where the hair is dirty, smelly and greasy, it actually starts to clean itself! It produces natural oils that clean the hair from the roots, leaving you with lovely clean glossy hair; although, with some people, it may take several more weeks to actually notice any difference.

I don't much fancy trying it myself though!

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by GebbieRose01/06/07
I've always wondered why we wash our hair almost daily when other animals don't This is nice information to know, but don't think I'd want to test it out. :lol: BTW, very good teaser!

Posted by Sunrose01/06/07
Good teaser and informative. Thanks for sharing it with us :D

Posted by scallio01/08/07
Very interesting... I can't help but think about how bad my dog smells after 2 weeks without a bath. I don't think I'll test this theory either! :lol:

Posted by Dontrelle01/11/07
Good teaser though I probably wont try it. :D

Posted by morgoth102801/12/07
hmmm i used ta nevr wash my hair...... :lol: maybe tat why it not :D but my mom probably wont let me try it....again :cry:

Posted by 4demo01/12/07
I never knew that, but it's pretty cool! :D

Posted by i_luv_2_read01/16/07
i never knew that....kind of cool, but those 2 weeks would be icky i don't think i'll try it!! :roll:

Posted by lavender01/28/07
Mayeb I'll try it. . . :lol:

Posted by tamjp02/05/07
Wel lthat is good to know if you are lost in the wilderness ! to know that after two weeks of funk that you will have beautiful hair when you finally get rescued!

Posted by cloughme02/07/07
Hmmm... :wink:

Posted by leftclick02/07/07
hmmmm, I think it is implied that you would still need to /brush/ your hair to get the dirt and oil build-up out. Otherwise you end up with "natural dreadlocks". Also if you were say a mechanic and got dirty engine oil in your hair every day, I don't think this would work...

Posted by craniac02/07/07
Your hair might reach some sort of acceptable state eventually, but what about your scalp? All that dead skin and skin oil and stuff -- yuck! On the other hand, all such things are a matter of taste, I suppose. Some of the native American Indian tribes used to put bear grease on their hair and thought it just the thing!

Posted by arabiannights02/07/07
Interesting! Thanx for the research and sharing.

Posted by anion02/07/07
Where did you come across information like that? It definately is a bizarre teaser. :-? :D I definately learned something new and it is a quite interesting fact. I would love to know where you got the info from though. Thanks for a really cool teaser.

Posted by Thel02/07/07
Thank you for a very interesting fact which I will never, ever share with my children! :lol: Very fun teaser! :D

Posted by Phalanx02/07/07
Well, people wearing rastas can't really wash their hair properly either, but usually that still looks messy and greasy even after several weeks....

Posted by coachpisco02/07/07
Yuck! But interesting knowledge that I didn't know. Thanks.

Posted by marschie02/07/07
Someone mentioned daily brushing. I'd go along with that ...but my hair's crewcut, so I can't test it. :( :(

Posted by lukeschett02/07/07
So that's why my hair looks so good. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by OldChinaHand02/07/07
Interesting teaser. I must have miss that issue of StreetPeople Vogue... sounds a little off base to me...all the ladies I know can't go out 'cause they're always washing their hair. 8)

Posted by gallopingboo02/07/07
Very Interesting. I was looking for hidden clues but it was science that was the answer, Great Job! :o

Posted by puttumup02/07/07
:o yawn :o

Posted by karenokupniak02/07/07
Eeeeewwwwwww!!!!!!! Shiny is one thing. Greasy is another.

Posted by bradon18200102/07/07
I am speachless. Can't even imagine trying such a thing. Thanks, but no thanks. :o

Posted by gaylewolf02/07/07
interesting fact! I thought "Lady" was a dog :lol: Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today, heddycopter? :roll: :wink:

Posted by maka1002/07/07
Very interesting! I'm with you, wouldn't want to test it myself! :-)

Posted by cassiemark02/07/07
Interesting - I thought it was because she wore a wig :lol: Good job.

Posted by darylmeissner02/07/07
Another answer could be: She has a personal attendant who washes her hair for her. :)

Posted by Pizzazz2u02/07/07
Although, the hair stylist could wash it for her, is another answer! Quite honesty! I don't even want to think about it! :wink: :lol: Keep 'em coming! :wink:

Posted by phyllisa02/07/07
Not for me! When I was in grade school and my friend was sick and couldn't take a bath, her mother would brush her hair with cornstarch and it would get the oil out. :o

Posted by campfirecutie02/07/07
Definately something I would never consider doing!! My hair gets washed every morning!! Interesting fact but nasty all the same!! :D

Posted by enjaytee02/07/07
Have you ever noticed that is why your hair looks the best just before you wash it. When my mom was young in the late 1890's she only washed her hair once a month. Imagine!

Posted by doehead02/07/07
I never wash my hair and I'm always shiny.Maybe it's because I'm bald. :lol:

Posted by katjojo02/07/07
I thought the answer had to be that "she" didn't wash her hair, someone else did. I can't go more than two days myself. I just feel dirty. :D 8) :lol: :D

Posted by SPUTNIK202/07/07
don't think I'll be giving that a try, I wonder if its really true? 8) :)

Posted by ViaTunisi02/07/07
Interesting, though I have a hard time believing it.

Posted by feste02/07/07
My wife said she was probably wearing a wig. Go on an extended back pack trip and tell me about how your hair cleanses itself of all the dried sweat and grimy dirt.

Posted by RoknRobn22802/07/07
I also thought the easy answer would be someone else washed it for her. Who wants to be the guinnea pig to prove this theory??? :lol:

Posted by daturtle02/07/07
It IS actually TRUE! I've had more than one trip in the hospital that lasted longer than 2 weeks when I couldn't wash my hair due to servere neck and back pain. After 10 or 12 days of only brushing my hair it began to look clean and shiny (not oily). It felt clean as well. I've read that washing your hair every day is bad for it because it removes essential oils that your hair needs. Anyway, so what's with all this "YUCK", or "I wouldn't want to be the one to try it" crap that some of you are saying?

Posted by jimbo5802/07/07
Like anyone could really know that, Napoleon.

Posted by speedqueenkmw02/07/07
very interesting and fun fact...but how is this a teaser? :o

Posted by hradilv02/07/07
Do you have a reference?

Posted by auntiesis02/07/07
My head gets itchy if I go two days without washing my hair. I wouldn't want to try this out even if its true. I have seen people with dreadlocks and the hair looks dull and dry. :-?

Posted by Kellington02/07/07
Oh yeah, I've done that...

Posted by pookiekat02/07/07
I remember reading about a woman who hadn't washed her hair for 11 years on Fark. Just Google "Penny Weynberg" and it should bring up the article. Scary that I knew this! :lol:

Posted by lmurray02/07/07

Posted by jacstop02/07/07
This teaser is actually very limiting in view and scope of the audience. Assuming that the entire world has access, or at least all of America, you can't assume that everyone reading this has the same type of hair, especially since 1/3 of this country is non-white. This teaser was "inadverntently" culturally biased. :oops: p.s. I still got the answer right in case any one is wondering

Posted by parayik02/07/07
I love it! :D Very clever! Just don't try it though! :lol:

Posted by HScott1302/07/07
I remember seeing this on a tv science programme called Bodymatters a long time ago. The volunteer they used found that it did work. The only reference to this programme I can find on the web (for those of you asking for a reference source) is on . I would guess the episode it appeared on is Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (21/8/1986), but I don't know of any more details than that. Having seen the date of that I'm feeling old, reminiscing about a programme from over 20 years ago.

Posted by OhEmGee02/07/07

Posted by breathesunshine02/07/07
I'm joining the "not trying this" group. :-?

Posted by rehtaeh02/07/07
i don't believe i actually got that right!!!!! :D

Posted by sepherocity02/07/07
And now I'm going to have to eat lunch next week. :o

Posted by ejhops02/07/07
Well, I cannot say that I have ever tried out that for two weeks, but I do know that if i wash my hair *every* day it really dries out; it looks better if I let it be for a couple days.

Posted by zaya02/07/07
I second speedqueenkmw's comment!

Posted by vlerma02/08/07
seems like a "dirty joke" Just kidding. Nice teaser, just not my style as my hair is washed daily right along with the rest of me. :lol:

Posted by Qrystal02/09/07
I'd love to try this, and kinda did for awhile because I heard this trivia before... but I didn't know it took over two weeks -- doh! I wonder if the same effect could be achieved by avoiding using shampoo or any cleansing products, but still rinsing the hair and massaging the scalp to keep it happy. Hmmm! I won't be testing this anytime soon though... seven months before my wedding, and I'm not up for experimenting with my beauty routine at this point. :D

Posted by Qrystal02/09/07
P.S. Although I had heard the trivia before, I still guessed she was wearing a wig. Oops!

Posted by morgoth102802/23/07
ummm your wrong....... it only keeps it from gettin dirtier.....hence why animals who dont shower everyday stink....but only to a certain extent.....they could be alot stinkier but they arent because of the natural oils that keep it at that certain level of stinkiness

Posted by LeafFan4life03/02/07
ohhh i understand this nw there was this guy who never took a shower and had alot of dandruff and every1 wondered why i tihkn this may explain it this was a excellent teaser and i hope to laugh at someone who trys it out!

Posted by chickenzRcool03/10/07
ROTFLOL, everyone...We should have a 'quote' or 'reply' thing like they have in forums and stuff, Anways, nice teaser, er' info ;D :D Have a great day Everyone :D I saw this teaser bvefore I just had to come back and reply LoL ;D

Posted by zips500003/23/07
i went with the answer that it was a wig. guess i was wrong. good one.

Posted by jjj05504/15/07
Don't think I want to try it either.

Posted by riddle_of_fate04/17/07
this could be one strong arguement that i can use against mom when i dont wanna bath! :D

Posted by IluvDepp_Bloom05/13/07
I did'nt know that! Cool! 8)

Posted by oddrey05/21/07
very interesting. Maybe i will try it some time when i wont be seeing anyone for a few weeks!

Posted by Kamazar06/10/07
I though oily hair was because you didn't clean your hair. I guess it's half true since the body's doing it itself. But to have your hair all sweaty, tangled, brushy, and matted. Yuuuuuuck. Good luck to those people trying it out (warn me). :o

Posted by ankurtg07/20/07
I seriously doubt this. I have seen people who live in poor conditions not being able to bathe for months, and their unkempt hair becomes jute-like. No hint of a shine. Black hair becomes mud-coloured. Stupid studies keep coming up every now and then.

Posted by jasmin21510/30/07
:lol: i thought it was because her hair was oliy for not washing it :lol: i told my sister that and she wants to try it :lol:

Posted by rockstar123456701/31/08
i have it too just i don't know why

Posted by Wa11E09/20/08

Posted by craniac02/07/10
I still think the same thing I wrote on Feb. 7, 2007 -- at least as regards caucasian hair which is the only knd I have experience with. But I think the teaser's author should have cited the "scientific research" in precise detail -- volume, chapter, and verse -- and I'm surprised the judges didn't require that before accepting the teaser for publication.

Posted by PhoenixW02/07/10
I rarely wash my hair. Based on past experiences, this is true. I actually find naturally cleaned hair more comfortable then manually...

Posted by doehead02/07/10
Look at a homeless person that hasn't washed their hair for months and that destroys this nonsense theory. :( :( :(

Posted by patiencewithaP02/07/10
Interesting...but yuck! :lol:

Posted by ttam00702/07/10
Actually, I have done it and it does work. I bathe daily, and I scrub my scalp every time I shower. I just don't use shampoo on it. Scrubbing the scalp will prevent dandruff. Between the scrubbing and rinsing, dirt and "stuff" will come out. Then I brush and comb it afterward. The brush helps to push the natural oils to the end of your hair, so all of your hair has that natural gloss. The only people that know I don't wash my hair are the ones I've told. I've asked some people if my hair looks clean and they always have told me that it looks good. I started doing this because I had extremely oily hair - to the point that if I didn't wash it in the morning, then by 10 am my face was covered with oil, like it was just running down my face. So yes, those first 2 weeks, I had to wash my face at work several times a day just to feel clean and keep the pimples at bay. Now my hair doesn't produce nearly as much oil as it did before. I'm definitely better off for it.

Posted by ttam00702/07/10
Oh, I forgot to mention, it wasn't until the middle of the 20th century that it was common practice to wash your hair daily. During colonial days until then, it was about once a month. During early 20th century, it was around once every 2 weeks. It was woman's fashion magazines and advertising that pushed the frequent washing, not any science.

Posted by emu77alu0202/07/10
ttam007, that is such a good idea! I may even try that (maybe). Doehead, they don't wash anything.

Posted by auntiesis02/07/10
eeewwwwww!!! :roll: :roll: :o

Posted by piers02/07/10
I agree with ttam007. I haven't washed my hair since Oct 2009 but always comb it a few times each day with a fine comb (I use a nit comb) so the natural oil spreads through my hair and makes it glossy. My scalp felt very itchy for the first 2 1/2 weeks and then felt fine.

Posted by bear0102/07/10
hmm.. not really a teaser tho :-? I was thinking that she went to a salon - since SHE never washed her hair.

Posted by zuppy02/09/10
I guessed she was wearing a wig also

Posted by Johnny02/09/10
That is so cool! I never knew that. Should i try it :-?

Posted by Babe02/07/13
I am baffled by all the people who say their hair would be all messed up, matted and tangled. It does not say you can't comb or brush your hair, only that it is bad washing it so much. We also have to wash our hair more often because we put so much bad stuff on it. Hair spray, gel, mousse etc. We treat our hair badly. It sounds perfectly sensible to me but I will still wash it because of the bad stuff I put on it. :( :roll: :lol:

Posted by gaylewolf02/07/13
I had read that some where before and I guess it's possible. Interesting information. :)

Posted by jaycr02/07/13
Lather, rinse, and (another) repeat. . . . Well some one had to complain, right? :lol:

Posted by cutebug02/07/13
The shiny look was from the grease,and the silky look was from the cobwebs. Yuk,what a crud. :roll: :roll:

Posted by HABS293302/07/13
As I donate my hair on a semi-reular basi, I have to keep it "virgin hair" I never use any product (aside from shampoo and conditioner) on it, so I don't have the build-up that many (mostly) females do. That being said I stil don't think I could go more than a day without washing it.

Posted by HABS293302/07/13
Sorry about the typos above, my keyboard sticks and I didn't proof it before submitting it.

Posted by allythebuterfly02/07/13
I hardly ever put anything in my hair and if I do, then it's something natural. Right now all I have for my hair aside from shampoo and conditioner is Dr. Bronner's organic lavender coconut hair lotion. But I jog every other day, so showering is a must haha, and plus I like my hair to smell nice, like coconuts. Not washing it would surely not make it smell like coconuts.

Posted by Babe02/07/16
I answered different last time, but this time I gave an answer to the question, "How could she never wash her hair? I answered, she went to a beauty salon and they washed it. After all it was a teaser, but it sounds more like a trivia question. I liked it though and also liked my answer both times. :lol: :lol:

Posted by cutebug02/07/16
I remember my Grandfather never washed his hair, and his head was always clean. Of course he was completely BALD. :lol: :lol:

Posted by thecatladycac02/07/16
When I was young, ladies were taught to brush their hair 100 strokes every day (most had long hair); this included lying on the tummy across the bed with head hanging over and brushing from the back hairline to the top of the scalp, as well as brushing from the top of the forehead to the back. As has been stated before, this distributed the oils along all the hair shafts as well as cleaning off the debris that collected on the scalp. Most washed the hair no more than once or twice a week, (and that because our mothers told us to!)

Posted by thecatladycac02/07/16
I meant to say "once every week or two" - no one washed twice a week! Thanks for an interesting teaser. :D :D


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