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Submitted By:pokpic
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In the big race at the Speedy racetrack the top five finishers were Full Sweep, Nightshade, Quatermain, Top Horse, and Whirlaway. In alphabetical order, they were ridden by Alvarez, Hernandez, Perez, Pickman, and Wilson. From the information given, figure out the order of finish of the race and the name of the jockey who rode each of the five horses.

Horses: Full Sweep, Nightshade, Quartermain, Top Horse, and Whirlaway

Jockeys: Alvarez, Hernandez, Perez, Pickman, and Wilson

Places: first, second, third, fourth, and fifth

1. Of Whirlaway and Quartermain, one finished first and one was ridden by Alvarez.

2. Pickman finished ahead of Perez but after Whirlaway, who did not win first place.

3. Full Sweep did not finish third.

4. Top Horse finished ahead of Nightshade but after Wilson, who did not ride the winning horse.


Full Sweep placed second and was ridden by Wilson.

Nightshade placed fifth and was ridden by Perez.

Quartermain placed first and was ridden by Hernandez.

Top Horse placed fourth and was ridden by Pickman.

Whirlaway placed third and was ridden by Alvarez.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by mocha61310/16/07
great job!

Posted by chaskey10/16/07
Tough one, but I got it the second time around. :roll: :D

Posted by gracieboo10/16/07
A lot harder than it orginally looked. I've been saying that a lot lately but when I open the grid and see one like that, I tend to think "E-Z!" Not so on this one and with only 4 clues, it was solvable but not quickly! :)

Posted by mizliz10/17/07
I love the teasers with very few clues. This one was so simple, yet so complicated. Excellent job. :D

Posted by Yankeejimg10/23/07
Congratulations! Absolutely the most difficult "small" grid puzzle I have ever done. Usually I don't do them, because they fall out on the first run through the clues. I had to go back and reread the clues many times. Keep them coming. :roll: :wink:

Posted by wolf411510/26/07
Great teaser! Short, but not overly simplified. Keep 'em coming! :D

Posted by nerdyiscool11/09/07
Deceptively easy. Made a guess, messed everything up. :oops: :oops: :oops: Great though! 8)

Posted by MorbidLies11/20/07
I think I thought about this one too much because I messed it up. A LOT. :oops:

Posted by Mom2Ozzy01/16/08
This one had me "running around the track" quite a few times!!...LOL

Posted by chriscat11/01/10
Surprisingly harder than it looks. Good work!

Posted by Kronos12/28/10
This is by far the best small grid I've come across. I got it on the first line my second time through. Great job.


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