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Mysterious Groceries

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"A punk who was caught holding up a filling station yesterday has confessed to several unsolved crimes," Inspector Winters said to Dr. Haledjian. "He named Red Kirk as his partner in a supermarket holdup a few years back. This morning, I picked up a search warrant and visited Kirk's last known address, a boarding house on Waco. Kirk wasn't in but, his partner, Les Curran, a counterfeiter, showed up at noon. He denied knowing where Red Kirk was."

"This is the last day of the month. So Kirk, who by the way is a vegetarian, has only to keep out of sight and keep moving for 30 days. In another month, the statute of limitations on his supermarket job will expire. He'll be in the clear."

"The part that baffles me is the groceries I found on his bed." concluded the Inspector. "I can't figure them out. There were 6 coffee beans, 8 boxes of cocoa, 10 tomatoes, 4 pieces of toast, 5 boxes of hominy, 21 tea bags, and 27 cubes of sugar!"

After a moment's hesitation, Haledjian said, "Kirk plans to keep moving about the country next month to avoid capture. But you should have no trouble apprehending him. The next place to find him is-"


Toast, NC.

Haledjian deduced that the foodstuffs were an itinerary in code for Kirk's roommate, Curran. The number of each article stands for the day of the month in which Kirk would be at a particular place:

Toast, NC; Hominy, OK; Coffee, GA; Cocoa, FL; Tomato, MS; Tea, SD; Sugar, ID.

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