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Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf fought three different evil creatures. The creatures were an octorock, an iron knuckle, and a poe. They fought them with three different weapons, too. The weapons were a bow and arrows, magic, and a sword. Also, Zelda is a girl and Link and Ganondorf are boys. Determine who fought what creature and with what weapon.

1. Ganondorf did not fight a creature with the same number of syllables in his name.
2. The iron knuckle was not fought against with magic.
3. The girl fought the octorock.
4. Link has a sword and did not fight the poe.
5. Zelda fought with the bow and arrows.


Link, Iron Knuckle, Sword

Zelda, Octorock, Bow and Arrows

Ganondorf, Poe, Magic

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