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Defensive Position

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Circle the wagons!

The circling of wagons was a defensive posture adopted to protect persons and property and to provide the best conditions for defense against attackers. Throughout history (not just in the American West, but in Europe and elsewhere long before), groups of people traveled in wagon caravans for safety. In modern times, the term has in recent months been seen used in business, politics and sports.

A Yahoo search of the term resulted in over three million related URLs, the most interesting of which noted that the earliest written record of a wagon circling maneuver for the purpose of defense was in the 4th century by a Roman army officer, Ammianus Marcellinus.

Today, the term "circle the wagons" is most often used allegorically in a business, battle, or political sense. It means that when a group within a corporation, a military unit, or a political faction is under attack, they must all stick together and each one defends the group as a whole.

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