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Multicolour Doors - Easy

Submitted By:coolcat101202
Fun:** (1.9)
Difficulty:* (0.29)

Three friends all live in houses with painted doors. Can you use these clues to find out what colour door they have and what road they live on?

Friends - Carly, Harry, Alan
Colours - Red, Blue, Pink
Streets - Oak St, South Ave, Drury Ave

1) Carly just loves the colour pink and she was ecstatic when her mom painted the door for her.

2) Alan's always around at Harry's house. It's easy to get there because Oak St is only just around the corner from Alan's house.

3) South Ave has mostly white doors, so the red one, belonging to one of the friends, stands out easily to the passing cars.

4) Alan thinks that his friend's blue door clashes badly with their house but he doesn't want to tell them in case he hurts their feelings.


Harry lives on Oak St and has a blue door.

Carly lives on Drury Ave and has a pink door.

Alan lives on South Ave and has a red door.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by SRB_180708/21/11
kind of an easy one .... but keep them coming ... 8) :D

Posted by scallio08/23/11
Yes, a bit easy, but I like these logic puzzles.

Posted by popuna108/29/11
very easy ... i didnt need the last clue :D good teaser very enjoyable :lol:

Posted by J-Five10/08/11
I also didn't need the last one.

Posted by Gwendalla11/10/12
How is it that the four "Easiest" teasers are logic grid? I find LEM-ADE and Candy to be way easier. Nonetheless, nice work. :D

Posted by Tpopfunstar05/03/13
Too easy! I did this mentally in 30 seconds

Posted by squidmaster09/04/13
......noreply :o :o :roll:

Posted by extremeblueness07/08/14
No offense, but what exactly does the last clue give us?

Posted by Knightingale07/15/14
Fourth hint was nice, although not necessary to solve. Easy puzzle to start with :)

Posted by ghostwolf146812/19/14
oh i get it :D

Posted by LanceAlot09/29/15
cake :D


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