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Getting a Pet

Submitted By:juggler314
Fun:*** (2.24)
Difficulty:* (0.3)

Three people bought a pet one day. Their names were Zach, Rachel, and Hubert. The animals they bought were a snake, a parrot, and a guinea pig. They bought their pets for $100, $50, and $25.

Can you find out which person bought which animal for which amount of money using these clues?

1. Zach is allergic to birds.
2. Hubert couldn't get the $100 pet, so he bought the snake.
3. Rachel saved $10 a week for ten weeks in order to get her pet.
4. The mammal was $25.


Zach - Guinea Pig - $25
Rachel - Parrot - $100
Hubert - Snake - $50

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by BeanSC10/25/11
Thanks for the fun and easy logic puzzle!

Posted by Oldcustard10/30/11
Very fun and easy. Love it 8) :D

Posted by scallio11/05/11
8) Easy but fun!

Posted by Totorogirl11/06/11
I thought it was pretty hard, but that could just be me... :D

Posted by rob7711/09/11
WAY too easy. Didn't even take a minute to answer.

Posted by june1211/13/11
fun and easy

Posted by CrazyPineapple12/17/11
Easy. but very fun! :D I would reccomend this for begginers.

Posted by roseyb7512/25/11
Too easy for me. :wink:

Posted by Evies02/22/12
pretty easy, well done though~ (Expensive parrot...)

Posted by ghostwolf146812/19/14
easy but dont like the prices of the animals :lol:

Posted by Hello2601/27/15
Totorogirl: Are you being serious because if you are..Applause girl. Made my day :D :lol:

Posted by LanceAlot09/29/15
Simple 8)


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