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Heavy Metal Raps

Submitted By:DaBomma
Fun:*** (2.78)
Difficulty:** (2.04)

I rap heavy metal all day,
and sometime through the night,
And with my steady beater,
I will surely win a fight,

My hits are always hot,
they ignite sparks in my soul,
and I form inspiration,
while I reach my goal,

There are few so talented,
who can perform these tasks,
so me and my brethren,
will sometimes wear our masks,

With our amazing performances,
we bring joy to many crowds,
and their triumphant screams,
sometimes rise to the clouds,

I have given too many hints,
so I now must say goodbye,
and with a final couplet,
I say, 'What am I?'


A blacksmith.

Smiths will work metal such as iron and steel while they are hot, in order to make the shaping process easier.

Their tool of choice would be a hammer, which, in a fight against bare arms, would surely win.

Sparks will fly from the metal, so eye protection in the form of a mask is necessary in some cases.

Blacksmiths used to make weapons such as swords for knights. Those knights, after winning, would emit their battle cry, their voices rising upwards in victory.

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