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Secret Word Groups

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I am thinking of three secret words; they are all related and are in common use. You can find the secret words by solving the following.

Several words are given below (the secret words are NOT given). Your challenge is to determine in which one of three groups the given words belong.

Each secret word is the basis for one group. Solve the groups, find the secret words!

adopt, darkest, eleventh, fiddle, fifteen, guess, happy,
maid, nature, rice, rush, split, steak, wind, witching

Bonus: Name one body part that belongs in all three groups.


Secret words: hour, minute, second

Hour group:
- darkest hour (before the dawn)
- eleventh hour (almost too late)
- happy hour (discounted drinks)
- rush hour (traffic)
- witching hour (midnight)

Minute group
- adopt minutes (of a meeting)
- fifteen minutes (of fame)
- minute maid (brand name)
- minute rice (brand name)
- minute steak (similar to cube steak)

Second group
- second fiddle (supporting role)
- second guess (try to predict)
- second nature (natural habit)
- split second (quickly)
- second wind (during running)

Bonus word: hand
- hour hand, minute hand, second hand (parts of a clock)

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