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Character and Star Anagrams

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For the following clues, you will relieve a jumbled set of letters, which when unscrambled, will lead to a famous movie character and the actor/actress who played them.

The hint will give the number of letters for the character and the initials for the star.

1. Screen jab annoys demon

2. Leo drowns in weak tastes

3. Fedora raids no Johns in Iran

4. Info man hunts drama fin

5. For rank, cop is a nice pal


1. James Bond- Sean Connery (James Bond series)

2. Rose Dawson- Kate Winslet (Titanic)

3. Indiana Jones- Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones series)

4. Rain Man- Dustin Hoffman (Rain Man)

5. Frank Serpico- Al Pacino (Serpico)

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