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Wild Encounter

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They turn themselves over to me
Completely voluntarily

Knowing before they've departed
They'll end up near where they started

I may be called emotional
Loopy, perhaps commotional

For those brave souls who seek a thrill
I'm sure to nicely fit the bill

By a force of nature propelled
I'm courage-testing those compelled

Greeted with anxiousness and fret
Seldom exited with regret

What am I?


A roller coaster.

lines 1-2: People who wish to ride a roller coaster do so voluntarily.

lines 3-4: The loading area and where the ride ends for roller coasters are typically not far apart.

lines 5-6: Line 5 alludes to the phrase "emotional roller coaster". In line 6, "Loopy" is a reference to the fact that many roller coasters have loops.

lines 7-8: Most people find a roller coaster ride exhilarating and/or thrilling.

lines 9-10: A roller coaster is powered by the force of gravity. It might be considered as a test of courage to see if one is brave enough to take a ride on a roller coaster. Some may find this challenge enticing.

lines 11-12: Before the roller-coaster ride, there is often some degree of anxiousness or uneasiness. But afterwards, the rider usually feels positive about the experience, and quite possibly would want to go again for another ride.

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