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No Beginning or End

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I am the first of the last
You'll find me in the forecast

Yesterday, of me does not know
Unlike today and tomorrow

I have no regrets, you see
And regrets has none of me

With no beginning and no end
What do you think I am, my friend?


the letter "o"

lines 1-2: The letter "o" is the first letter of the word "omega" which means the last. The word "forecast" contains an "o".

lines 3-4: The word "yesterday" does not contain ("know") the letter "o", whereas the words "today" and "tomorrow" do.

lines 5-6: Since I am a letter, I cannot have any regrets. And the word "regrets" has no letter "o".

lines 7-8: The way that I am shaped has no beginning and no end (as a circle).

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