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Capital Cities

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Each of the national capital cities in Group A can be paired with a different national capital city in Group B. What are the pairings?

Group A: Guatemala City, Hanoi, Kathmandu, Minsk, Niamey, Rabat, Roseau, Stockholm, Thimphu, Tokyo

Group B: Berlin, Bogota, Copenhagen, Dar es Salaam, Lilongwe, Managua, Melekeok, Moscow, Panama City, Windhoek


When correctly paired, the country for which the Group A city is the capital ends with the same set of letters as the country for which the Group B city is the capital begins.

Guatemala City & Lilongwe, capitals of Guatemala & Malawi
Hanoi & Windhoek, capitals of Vietnam & Namibia
Kathmandu & Melekeok, capitals of Nepal & Palau
Minsk & Moscow, capitals of Belarus & Russia
Niamey & Berlin, capitals of Niger & Germany
Rabat & Bogota, capitals of Morocco & Colombia
Roseau & Managua, capitals of Dominica & Nicaragua
Stockholm & Copenhagen, capitals of Sweden & Denmark
Thimphu & Dar es Salaam, capitals of Bhutan & Tanzania
Tokyo & Panama City, capitals of Japan & Panama

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