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Connect 4

Submitted By:pottercrazy
Fun:*** (2.13)
Difficulty:*** (2.43)

Out of the 16 jumbled up clues, you have to see which 4 clues connect to make up 4 groups, there should be no clues left over and no clue used twice in any given group.

Cyclops, King, Storm, En Passant,
Leigh-Pemberton, Endgame, Stalemate, George,
Gambit, Houblon, Footfalls, Rogue,
Angel, Rockaby, Castle, Happy Days


Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, Angel.
En Passant, Stalemate, Gambit, Castle.
King, Houblon, Leigh-Pemberton, George.
Happy Days, Endgame, Footfalls, Rockaby.

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