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Submitted By:eighsse
Fun:*** (2.69)
Difficulty:*** (2.65)

This deadly 8-letter word can really "put people in a frenzy," and for very good reason. If you drop letter 1 and order the rest of the letters like so [8745623], then you get exactly what the word can do. So, if you are affected by it, you had better get a good [65478], or you could be taking a very long [321]!



DEM is a Greek root for people. A (PAN- [DEM] -IC) puts people (DEM) in a frenzy (PANIC).

[8745623] = CIDE MAN
Cide is a Latin root for kill. A pandemic "kills mankind."

And of course...if you contract the disease, you need a good [65478] = MEDIC, or you may take a long [321] = NAP (death).

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