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Rewarding Provocation

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Discharging is what I do
It's my way of serving you

Ingredients you supply
Extract their essence do I

Push my buttons; make me start
Now it's time to do my part

A tumultuous event
During which I've steam to vent

A contrivance that expels
Found in the place where one dwells

I deliver refreshment
A most worthwhile investment

What am I?


a coffee maker

lines 1-2: When one operates a coffee maker, it discharges the coffee into the carafe.

lines 3-4: You supply the ground coffee and water, and the coffee maker extracts the "essence" of the ground coffee by heating the water and passing it through the ground coffee and the filter (also supplied by you).

lines 5-6: To start the coffee maker, you must push the required button(s) i.e. the "provocation" in the title.

lines 7-8: During the somewhat noisy process of producing the coffee, the water is heated and some steam is emitted incidentally.

lines 9-10: The coffee maker "expels" the coffee into the carafe. It can typically be found in one's home.

lines 11-12: For coffee lovers, owning a coffee maker is definitely a "worthwhile investment".

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