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Geological Groups

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Find the odd one out in each of the following:

a) fjords, stacks, tombolos, waterfalls
b) sea arches, bays, headlands, valleys
c) basalt, granite, obsidian, pumice
d) Hawaiian Islands, Ryukyu Islands, Marianas Islands, Aleutian Islands


a) Tombolos. Tombolos are depositional landforms; the rest are erosional landforms. Fjords are formed by glacial erosion, stacks by wave erosion and waterfalls by fluvial erosion.
b) Headlands. Headlands are made of resistant rocks and are less vulnerable to erosion, which is why they stand out from the neighbouring bays. The other three, being less resistant, have been eroded more.
c) Granite. Although all four are igneous rocks, granite is the only plutonic rock. The other three are volcanic rocks.
d) Hawaiian Islands. They are the only island chain formed in the middle of a plate. The location of the hot spot in the asthenosphere is fixed while the Pacific Plate moves northwest. This carries old volcanoes away and creates new volcanoes, forming the chain. The other three island chains were created along destructive plate boundaries.

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