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Unappreciated Counterparts

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The two of us keep a low profile
Without us you would not be mobile

Seldom looked at but frequently used
We're often depressed but not abused

Side by side with functions opposite
Managing the go and stop of it

What are we?


a vehicle's accelerator and brake pedal

lines 1-2: The accelerator and brake pedal are "low" i.e. on the floor of the vehicle. You need the accelerator to move (i.e. "be mobile"), and you don't want to move without being able to stop, so you need the brake as well.

lines 3-4: While driving, these two pedals are not "looked at". The pedals are "depressed", meaning you press down on them with your foot, so they are "used", "but not abused".

lines 5-6: The "functions" of the accelerator and brake pedal are "opposite" i.e. they enable you to "go and stop" respectively.

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