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The Hypatia - A Puzzling Space Mystery

An interactive puzzle experience with over 25 original hand-crafted challenges and an unfolding mysterious story that you will discover as you solve the puzzles at the end of each chapter.

There are 25 rooms in this puzzle experience. Each room contains a chapter of the story and a downloadable page of puzzles that you can print and solve. Some of the puzzles may not be solvable until you unlock other rooms and collect more clues. When you think you have an answer, type your guess into the answer box on this website. If it is correct, it will unlock a new room. If you get stuck, you can get hints.

The Map

Once you solve the first puzzle, you will have access to the map. The map will be updated to reflect which rooms you have unlocked. Click on any room to travel there and read that chapter of the story. Most rooms contain additional puzzles, but some rooms only have a piece of the story. There is a main quest, several side quests and many secrets to unlock throughout the experience. Your progress will be displayed on the map and in the sidebar. If you see lines on the map that don't lead to a box, that means you haven't discovered that room yet and still have a puzzle left to solve in the room that the lines comes from.

The Rooms

Each room will contain a chapter of the ongoing mystery for you to read. Many of the rooms will also contain puzzles that you can download, print and solve. When you have an answer, you can type it into the "Check Answer" section and see if you got it right. If you did, the next room will be unlocked. If you guessed incorrectly, you will have to wait 10 mins to try another guess. Some rooms will have more than one path leading away from them. These rooms will have multiple puzzles to solve and the answer box will accept multiple answers.


If you get stuck, you can ask for a hint. A variety of hints will be offered and you can pick which one you want. Some hints are free and some hints can be unlocked with credits. You will receive a certain amount of free credits when you start the game and additional credits can be purchased at any time.


When you solve certain puzzles, you will receive a key. Keys are required to unlock certain rooms. Some other rooms can only be unlocked by using credits.


Credits can be used to unlock hints if you get stuck. Credits are also used to progress past certain checkpoints in the mystery. You will need 12 credits to complete the entire puzzle experience, assuming you take no hints. Credits can be purchased at any time in a variety of amounts.

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