Women in Song

Music :: Is there anything more romantic than serenading your ladylove in song? These artists didn't think so. Can you identify the women of these songs?

#1   The Knack sang of this woman and asked, "When you gonna give me some time, ______?"

#2   The Kinks sang of this woman, "in a club down in old Soho".

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#3   The Police told this woman, "You don't have to sell your body to the night".

#4   Kenny Rogers said this woman left her husband, "with four hungry children and a crop in the field".

#5   Kenny Rogers begged this woman, "don't take your love to town".

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#6   We know this object of Tommy Tutone's affection by her phone number, "867-5309".

#7   If she would only "wake up", Rod Stewart has "something to say" to this lady.

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#8   In a song dedicated to another sleeping beauty, the Everly Brothers implored this young lady to, "Wake up, little _____, wake up".

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#9   This beauty had The Beach Boys, "rockin' and a rollin'/ rockin' and a reelin'".

#10   The Beach Boys needed this lady to, "help me get her out of my heart".