The 24th Letter

Other :: "X" is one of the least frequently used letters in English words, but it is often used to represent things. See if you remember some of the ways "X" is used as a symbol.

#1   "Generation X" generally refers to people born in what years?

#2   The first time "Xmas" was used instead of "Christmas" was in 1931 by Coca-Cola.

#3   X is the Roman numeral for what number?

#4   The Xbox is based on DirectX technology.

#5   What does an X represent on a bowling scorecard?

#6   The chemical symbol for Xenon is X.

#7   The X chromosome is found in:

#8   In cartoons, if you see two X's where the eyes should be, it means the character is sleeping.

#9   Someone writes you a letter and puts "XOXO" after their name; what does the "X" stand for?

#10   An "X" mark can be used to represent both negation and affirmation.

#11   The electromagnetic radiation that Wilhelm Röntgen discovered was named X-radiation. What did the "X" signify?

#12   According to "The X-_____", "The Truth Is Out There".

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