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Alternate Definitions III

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Fun:**** (3.11)
Difficulty:*** (2.41)
Submitted By:Bobbrt


The following are alternate definitions for words, based on how the words sound. For example, "To drive by the docks: P _ _ _ _ _ _ _." would result in "PASSPORT (Pass Port)". Can you guess the words described below?

1. What white bears see with: P _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
2. A car's memoirs: A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
3. How judges get to a small island: C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
4. To live long: D _ _ _ _ _.
5. How good a fibber one is: L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
6. In favor of young men and women: P _ _ _ _ _ _.

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Posted by clawsmommy on Dec 13, 2004

Posted by Tiggr on Dec 13, 2004


Posted by shm87funny on Dec 13, 2004

nice one..........ha,ha,ha,ha

Posted by passion on Dec 13, 2004

Great one!!!!

Posted by Jonesy on Dec 14, 2004

Good one! I only got half of them right Clever

Posted by Nicky101 on Dec 15, 2004

I never get anything right on this website except logic problems ! I have fun trying though .

Posted by marigold on Feb 12, 2005

Wow, that was pretty good. I didn't get any of them, but it was cool anyway.

Posted by Sunrose on Oct 04, 2005

I got them all. A shock, but I had fun while working it. Very well written and a job well done. Nice Teaser

Posted by on Dec 14, 2007

Good one, although number four could also be Dialed (Die Old).

Posted by bradon182001 on Dec 14, 2007

Really good teaser. Very well thought out. Thanks for posting Bobbrt. I'd like to see more like this one.

Posted by doehead on Dec 14, 2007

Well done

Posted by tommysmo on Dec 14, 2007

i didn't pay attention to the directions and was looking for compound words rather than just sounds.

Posted by auntiesis on Dec 14, 2007

Not too hard, but not too easy. I enjoyed working on this one. Thanks.....

Posted by nikitafullmoon on Dec 14, 2007

Excellent teaser! Fun and rewarding!

Posted by Yorkshire-Boy on Dec 14, 2007

I didn't get them all, but it was great trying...very unusual teaser, and well thought out.

Posted by karma48 on Dec 14, 2007

Number of blanks did not fit number of letters in some of them.
Very confusing when I was trying to fit answers into proper length. Good idea though.

Posted by scallio on Dec 14, 2007

My that was tough for me! I only solved Polarize and Liability.

I misread #2 as a Cat's memoirs!

Very unique and creative teaser.

Posted by mi2mo2tx on Dec 14, 2007

Awesome teaser! Adding it to my favorites.

Posted by gracieboo on Dec 14, 2007

I think #4 could also be Die Old or dialed.

Posted by mondayschild59 on Dec 14, 2007

That was a very good teaser. I got a couple right but that's okay. When I saw the answers I went doh . Thanks for the teaser.


Posted by mercedes13 on Dec 14, 2007

that was awesome!! i only got liability right though...
anyways, keep up the good work!

Posted by AuthenticallyMe on Dec 14, 2007 a little confused w/ the directions...maybe someone could fix them? Please? For the future users of Braingle?
I thought the answer had to be a compound word, using the EXACT SAME spellings as the two words it was made up of...instead, they just need to be the same phonetically...

But I really liked trying to solve it. I've never seen a teaser like this before. Keep creating great teasers like this one.

Posted by AuthenticallyMe on Dec 14, 2007

Whoops, sorry...I was like tommysmo and didn't read the directions carefully... I feel dumb...

Maybe if I had read them correctly, I would have gotten the answers...

Posted by nerdyiscool on Dec 14, 2007


Cool teaser though. Liked it even though I couldn't get it. The last one should be "in favor of adolescents", because "young men and women" wasn't so obvious. Anyway, it was funny.

Posted by kini53 on Dec 14, 2007

enjoyed this teaser...think i'd like more.

Posted by SweetPotato on Dec 15, 2007

Good one, thanks. I surprised myself ... got all but liability.

Posted by dogg6pound9 on Dec 15, 2007

surprisingly enough, i got them all with ease... love the teaser, and i'd like to see more of them

Posted by siskiu on Dec 16, 2007

really fun!!!!!!!

Posted by suganue on Dec 22, 2007

Posted by patiencewithaP on Dec 14, 2010

Good one...couldn't get die late for the life of me Thanks!

Posted by sunnybonghits on Dec 14, 2010

Loved this one! Brilliant

Posted by Babe on Dec 14, 2013

Nice teaser and fun even though I only got a couple.

Posted by jaycr on Dec 14, 2013

Got the first three, then hit the skids.

Posted by HABS2933 on Dec 14, 2013

Lots of fun! I did miss Dilate but got the rest with relative ease. Going to have to look up the others in the series.

Posted by zachparker on Dec 14, 2013

Number 6 could also be progeny (Pro Gen Y)....I guess, if you go by spelling instead of pronunciation. Good brain teaser!

Posted by gaylewolf on Dec 14, 2016

Fun quiz! I got 1, 2, and 6 which came easily to me. The rest didn't and I was in a hurry. Thanks for posting!

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