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Sherlock Holmes

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Fun:**** (3.17)
Difficulty:** (1.54)
Submitted By:allenpitcher26


One snowy night, Sherlock Holmes was in his house sitting by a fire. All of a sudden a snowball came crashing through his window, breaking it.
Holmes got up and looked out the window just in time to see three neighborhood kids who were brothers run around a corner. Their names were John Crimson, Mark Crimson and Paul Crimson.
The next day Holmes got a note on his door that read "? Crimson. He broke your window."
Which of the three Crimson brothers should Sherlock Holmes question about the incident?


Mark Crimson

"?" = question MARK, so the note on the door reads "Question Mark Crimson. He broke your window."


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Posted by jimbo on Mar 15, 2003

I'd question them all anyway. Good Teaser!

Posted by na-iem on Mar 17, 2003

Oh that's neat!!!
Keep 'em coming! :-)

Posted by griphook on Mar 18, 2003

Very cool. More please.

Posted by i_h8_hp_nerds on Mar 18, 2003

I got that one right!!!!!!!Oh darn i got this song stuck in my head.

Posted by icehaven on Apr 05, 2003

Great. I thought it was all three...

Posted by Codammanus on Apr 05, 2003

Very creative, and fun! Thanx.

Posted by PrfAngel17 on Apr 05, 2003

Nice one I loved it

Posted by Millionaire on Apr 06, 2003

lol, I liked this one. It was actually funny now I got the right answer but not for that reason. I just guessed lol PE@CE Millionaire

Posted by electronjohn on Apr 07, 2003

Very clever. Thanks for posting it for us.

Posted by Juice on Apr 14, 2003

Really cute, so far the only one I like.

Posted by Shoobop on May 17, 2003

funniest brain teaser i eva read! never heard it. at first i didnt get it when it just said mark crimson then i got it!! awesome joke!

Posted by peterg on May 25, 2003

i woulda just taken them all out..then u wouldve had to have got the right the expense f the other 2..but they probably deserve it anyway!

Posted by BrenBeadSP on Apr 05, 2004

'speed reading' this morning, and I missed the ? - darn - excellent, fun teaser, thanks

Posted by hoppy_happy_hipp on Apr 05, 2004

That was fun.. and I got it right

Posted by peridot on Apr 05, 2004

very nice, it was fun and I got it right. good job.

Posted by kvernphil on Apr 05, 2004

NICE! I guessed MARK, but for the wrong reason. I guessed Mark because he was the brother who 'hit his mark'. nice job!

Posted by doggyxp on Apr 05, 2004

Very good. Liked this one.

Posted by JmBannana on Apr 05, 2004

Neat Teaser! I got it right away, Still good thought. Keep 'em comin'!

Posted by brgdo1994 on Apr 05, 2004

I got it! Too easy!

Posted by gabe1991 on Apr 05, 2004

Nice teaser. I love mysyeries.

Posted by on Aug 26, 2004


Posted by ched4r on Sep 19, 2004

Very fun but very easy

Posted by ched4r on Sep 19, 2004

Very fun but very easy

Posted by sissy245 on Oct 23, 2004

That was very clever

Posted by knbrain on Dec 24, 2004

Kind of funny but tooooo easy

Posted by babygirl35 on Dec 28, 2004

i thought maybe it was a typo but i get it now.

Posted by alicewashere13 on Jan 04, 2005

i think they were all accessories!

Posted by chuckelect on Feb 23, 2005

wow that one was really good!

Posted by on Feb 25, 2005

Stupid ... no offense

Posted by poljay on Mar 02, 2005

Got me with that one. I just read it as "Question Coslin." Good one.

Posted by Master_Yoda on Mar 18, 2005

hi. Great teaser. I actually got it.

Posted by thetrumonk on Apr 05, 2005

That was really good

Posted by mumbojumbo1234 on Apr 05, 2005

That was pretty easy, I figured it out right after I read it! Thanks anyways, it was a good teaser!

Posted by on Apr 05, 2005

Very creative and interesting, though easy.

Posted by Ozymandias on Apr 05, 2005

Very nice! I enjoyed this one!

Posted by on Apr 05, 2005


Posted by Israel-Girl on Apr 05, 2005

Loved It!
I got it right, but I thought it was beause he hit the "mark"

Posted by filetmerlot on Apr 05, 2005

wonderful. it reminds me of those 2 minute mysteries that i used to read as a teen. only this was a 2 second mystery

Posted by deadmanrun on Apr 05, 2005

Bravo! a good thinking persons teaser more like it,it may take a few minutes to figure out, but in this day of instant gratification,take the time, your mind will thank you for it.

Posted by rustygurrrrrl on Apr 05, 2005

that was VERY GOOD

Posted by myalyn_77 on Apr 05, 2005

Great teaser

Aimeekspice- Did you really have to use that many faces?

Posted by Chakoteya on Apr 05, 2005

Groan. Easy peasy!

Posted by zombiefreak on Apr 05, 2005

the mark part was corny but i woulda questioned all 3 ov em

Posted by DJNic on Apr 05, 2005

oops i didnt see the "?" oh well!

Posted by brain_dead on Apr 06, 2005

that was a good one
i didn't get it until i read the answer, but i liked it anyways.

Posted by timilee on Apr 06, 2005

ewe dew knot half too bee Sherlock Holmes two fig your Aldus won!

Posted by on Apr 06, 2005

I am new to the site and this was the best daily teaser so far.

Posted by roadburn65 on Apr 06, 2005

Very challenging first thing in the morning!

Posted by Muffintins on Apr 06, 2005

YAY i figured it out!

Posted by MEJOHN on Apr 07, 2005

This one was real easy. I think I may have heard it before.

Posted by Jessa on Apr 07, 2005

I liked that one! Nice!

Posted by biter_lemon on Apr 10, 2005

didn't even see the ? in the note. yeah, i'm good at reading . nice teaser though.

Posted by Gandalf on Apr 11, 2005

Why'd he need to question mark it tells him in the note

Posted by wolfy68 on Apr 17, 2005

The game is afoot!

Posted by lil_Brat on Apr 18, 2005

i love that one i actually got it right when i read it! it was great

Posted by on Apr 22, 2005

thats cool! i never wuld have guessed tho thats a good 1!

Posted by darthforman on May 21, 2005

good one

Posted by mxclint68 on Jul 06, 2005

Elementary, my dear Watson!...LOL....I loved it, but I am addicted to Holmes....I am currently collecting the old movies on DVD....

Posted by marching_xc on Jul 07, 2005

cute cute cute

Posted by dolphingurl12 on Jul 08, 2005


Posted by max_payne_5th on Jul 20, 2005

nice job man! U get my thunbs up!

Posted by Pelikan on Aug 26, 2005

Hehehe....i like i like!!! of the ones that makes u go "oooooooh!" my faves already!

Posted by swithie on Sep 10, 2005

That was a really cool teaser, loved it!

Posted by Royaltrecords on Sep 10, 2005

Excellent job! Keep up the good work

Posted by thorax on Sep 18, 2005

that was cool

Posted by bnwing on Sep 21, 2005

Super easy, but extremely FUN! I love these mystery teasers. Keep them coming!

Posted by rkaaland on Nov 16, 2005

Great, why can't I every remember that?

Posted by rkaaland on Nov 16, 2005

Great, why can't I every remember that?

Posted by rkaaland on Nov 16, 2005

Sorry Couldn't remember I clicked either

Posted by peppamintp on Nov 22, 2005

Good teaser. I actually thought John because the question mark is an upside down j (pretty much)

Posted by ragethe3rd on Dec 22, 2005

Hehe very clever.

Posted by Sherlock129 on Jan 12, 2006

This was in a book also.

Posted by teen_wiz on Feb 09, 2006


Posted by luckythirteen on Feb 12, 2006

haha , very nice, i LOVE it!

Posted by emily103 on Mar 16, 2006

very clever

Posted by azbee123 on Apr 05, 2006

ssooooo cute!!!! going into my favs mos def!

Posted by king_leonard on Apr 05, 2006

LOL tat was a gr8 one and i got it! excellent teaser!

Posted by atrac on Apr 05, 2006

nice one!

Posted by OldChinaHand on Apr 05, 2006

? this one a winner.

Posted by lmurray on Apr 05, 2006


Posted by coachpisco on Apr 05, 2006

I actually got it, by using MARK. I didn't use QUESTION though. Pretty good teaser.

Posted by meteor on Apr 05, 2006

I wanted to make the connection to these brothers to their bibical name sakes. I thought John was beyond reproach, as John the Baptist is a major figure and revered by all. So I left with Paul and Mark, I saw Paul as the more important of the two. Which left Mark. Then I get the right answer for the wrong reason I credit the teaser more highly because of it's ability to mislead, an indication of a well thought out puzzle. Well done, I had fun and I must be more careful in the future.

Posted by shawneeo on Apr 05, 2006

I got it, yay!!!!! The only reason I got it, tho, is because there's a guy on this site called "Question Mark", and I thought Mark as soon as I saw the "question mark". Really good teaser!

btw: akg said he hates "gay riddles, gay songs, etc." in his comment. Why is that OK? That comment was made like two years ago! I don't care what shade of meaning calling something "gay" is supposed to have, it's a hateful use of the word, its def. not good, and if anyone used any similar word about any other minority it would be immediately deleted!

Posted by bradon182001 on Apr 05, 2006

I liked this one. Good teaser.

Posted by alis99 on Apr 05, 2006

I guessed it rite but for the wrong reason good one!

Posted by saleprice on Apr 05, 2006

cute, very cute......

Posted by saleprice on Apr 05, 2006

akg keep your snide comments clean and pleasant more derogatory comments!!

Posted by hockeygirl on Apr 05, 2006

YAY i got one for once!!!YAY YAY YAY!!!! Righteous

Posted by iteachkids on Apr 05, 2006

I'm with shawneeo and saleprice. There are a couple of people who use that term regularly and inappropriately. I click on "This is Offensive," but I don't know if it changes anything.

Now - for the teaser - L VED it!!! By some stroke of genius (or luck), I got it right away. But it was still highly entertaining and clever!

Posted by sccrclssc5 on Apr 05, 2006

Very Clever! Twas awesome, and fun!
Great job!

Posted by Sara2009 on Apr 05, 2006


Posted by besamishuevos on Apr 05, 2006

lame.....very lame indeed.

Posted by KatV on Apr 05, 2006

I didn't get it....he he he...I HAD to look at the answer...I guess I'm slow today.

Posted by koalamom on Apr 05, 2006

Read too fast and missed the "?". So I didn't get it.

Posted by shardney08 on Apr 05, 2006

I thought that was so cool! It was very interesting. I would have never thought of that one. I had to read it twice before I got it but that's ok. It takes me a minute. Great one though.

Posted by tdbrsun on Apr 05, 2006

I am so new at the teasers and such. Hope to try more of them . Maybe I will get a bit smarter. enjoyed this one a lot

Posted by youdumbsavage on Apr 05, 2006


Posted by tam13 on Apr 05, 2006

Thought this one was very clever. The ? really gave it away!! Thanks for a good brain teaser.

Posted by jabdr on Apr 05, 2006

Loved it

Posted by bballer21 on Apr 05, 2006

great-- keep them coming!!

5 smileys!!!!

Posted by Bastet on Apr 05, 2006

I didn't get the answer at all. When I read the answer, I went, "Oh, my God!" It was so simple and if I wasn't so blasted literal in my thinking, I may have seen the answer right away.

I loved it!!

Posted by feste on Apr 05, 2006

I got it right but for the wrong reason, ie, Mark (marksman).

Posted by spazzyjazzy93 on Apr 05, 2006

omg, i actually got that one! yay!

Posted by spazzyjazzy93 on Apr 05, 2006

it was really good!

Posted by lindquist_25 on Apr 05, 2006


Posted by bluehawk on Apr 05, 2006

That was very cleaver. I thought it was cute.

Posted by syracuse945 on Apr 05, 2006

yeah, it was gud... n i lyk sherlock holmes...

Posted by vlerma on Apr 06, 2006

Again, I got in too big of a hurry and didn't see the ? or didn't understand it, or something. Was a cute teaser anyhow. And welcome back Besa Have missed you.

Posted by eabreu92 on Apr 06, 2006

shouldn't this be in trick or rebus???

oh well...
(by the way, i got it after reading the note out loud)

Posted by horse_luver on Apr 09, 2006

Haha, cute. I got it

Posted by riddlelover on Apr 10, 2006

Clever...easy, but clever. And fun.

Posted by brainster on Apr 25, 2006

This was great!

Posted by zonarita on Apr 25, 2006

GR8 teaser!

Posted by peanut-tiara on May 26, 2006

Very clever. Very fun. Made me Smile. (and not just because I got it)

Posted by teasermaster on Dec 19, 2006

Got it quickly, but very clever.

Posted by solarsistim321 on Dec 28, 2006


Posted by gaylewolf on Apr 05, 2007

Thanks! I LOVED this one! It was clever and it was fun!
I share these teasers with my teenage grandkids - THEY are also clever and fun!

Posted by anion on Apr 05, 2007

Great Teaser!!! I got it. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Shikamaru on Apr 05, 2007

pretty good teaser. i got the question part, but not the question mark, so i came up with "question crimson" which told me nothing i didnt already know.

Posted by builder on Apr 05, 2007

not as fun this year as in years past.
With hundreds of teasers we should be able to go at least two years before we repeat

Posted by cnahorses on Apr 05, 2007

too easy but cute

Posted by bradon182001 on Apr 05, 2007

Excellent teaser. Can't believe I didn't see it last year, but I didn't. Glad I saw it this year. The answer was much better than the one I came up with which was he should question all three. What was I thinking?

Posted by doehead on Apr 05, 2007

Kindergarden material

Posted by puttumup on Apr 05, 2007


Posted by ViaTunisi on Apr 05, 2007

Wow- so much easier the second time around

Posted by cassiemark on Apr 05, 2007

Good one! I actually got it


Posted by MelkorDCLXVI on Apr 05, 2007

i love pusslez like this
event hough i didn't get it

Posted by katjojo on Apr 05, 2007

I have seen this one before. But, still cute.

Posted by FatHead on Apr 05, 2007

Easy enough when you think about it!

Posted by Pizzazz2u on Apr 05, 2007

Very good! It does seem to be easy when you think about it, but I believe you should question ALL three of them, anyway! Keep up the terrific work!

Posted by morgoth1028 on Apr 05, 2007

omgsh i should known!!!

Posted by zombiesean on Apr 05, 2007

That was easy, but fun.

Posted by auntiesis on Apr 05, 2007

Took me a min. but eventually the little grey cells went to work, to borrow a phrase from M. Poirot !
Keep up the good work.

Posted by I_Write_Books on Apr 05, 2007

It was a little on the easy side, but I liked it all the same.

Posted by merrypippin246 on Apr 05, 2007

That was a fun teaser but it was too easy!

Posted by saachigirl1 on Apr 05, 2007

Yes i agree with you merrypippin!!

Posted by merrypippin246 on Apr 05, 2007

merrypippin246 to you!!!

Posted by saachigirl1 on Apr 05, 2007


Posted by chickenzRcool on Apr 05, 2007

LOL, I was actually 'laughing out loud' this time...maybe cause there's no one in the room MuahAhaHa

Great Teaser!!!!!!

Posted by cloughme on Apr 05, 2007


Posted by OhEmGee on Apr 05, 2007

good one


Posted by cooltigerr1 on Apr 05, 2007

LOVE IT!! this was funny it was so obvious and i didnt get it!
good one

Posted by musiclover101 on Apr 05, 2007


Posted by suganue on Apr 05, 2007

i liked it, mostly because I got it. it was cute though. I almost missed the fact that the question mark was inside the parenthesis. I thought that was a great teaser!

Posted by kitty728 on Apr 05, 2007


Posted by kauphi1976 on Apr 05, 2007

a little too easy for Mr Holmes

Posted by breathesunshine on Apr 05, 2007

I hope Mark has allowance $ to pay for that! Got it after reading it a second time.

Posted by Madelulabelle on Apr 11, 2007

Loved this one! I got it but it did make me slow down a little. A+++!

Posted by j9mattfield on Apr 19, 2007

I love mysteries! I actually got this one after the second reading. Well done!

Posted by Qrystal on May 10, 2007

Cute. Easy. A joy to get in my email today!

Posted by dudebomb93 on Nov 01, 2007

i got it!!!

Posted by luckypuppy on May 15, 2008

wow there are a lot of comments on this one! easy but fun!

Posted by wise_girl_01 on Jun 02, 2008

best one i've read thus far

Posted by sourdough on Jun 23, 2008

$ourDough gives this the best score so far! Kudos to the writer! Four Thumbs Up!


Posted by Vivica on Oct 13, 2008

I liked that

Posted by yangjun on Nov 15, 2008

I have seem this question a lot of times... so it is very easy and a little broing...

Posted by mathisnice on Apr 05, 2010

Easy, but an excellent teaser.

Posted by doehead on Apr 05, 2010

Give me a break. This was on a kindergarden quiz. And all the kids got it right.

Posted by beyonce123 on Apr 05, 2010

that means it probably wasn't mark. It was probably from one of mark's brothers and said brother was really the one who broke the window

Posted by sunnybonghits on Apr 05, 2010

I liked it. Had to think for a minute and got it. Just the way a short little brain teaser should be. Cheers

Posted by auntiesis on Apr 05, 2010

Loved this one before, love it still. Cute & clever. Thanks.

Posted by TallTimber on Apr 05, 2010

Good one.

Posted by angelfinder on Apr 05, 2010

This one was too easy! Naturally you would question Mark?

Posted by Darkmagician92 on Apr 11, 2011

easy but very nice,

Posted by makan121 on Apr 02, 2012

so who write the note?

Posted by brains2beauty96 on Jun 16, 2012

Someone tell me why my 9 year old brother got it before I did!?! lol

Posted by Babe on Apr 05, 2013

I got that one so fast it even shocked me! Really cute though

Posted by jaycr on Apr 05, 2013

? for sure, but never trust any of those Crimson brothers.

Posted by cutebug on Apr 05, 2013

It's been 10 years since Mark broke the window. Did he for the replacement yet?

Posted by Maggiethe8th on Apr 05, 2013

and this is why I need these-I thought I'd looked at all the possibilities Loved the answer!

Posted by gaylewolf on Apr 05, 2013

Sure it's been posted before, but it's still cute and clever. Love it!

Posted by thecatladycac on Apr 05, 2013

Cute Teaser - I had to read it twice for it to soak in!

Posted by HABS2933 on Apr 05, 2013

Very easy.

Posted by iggy39 on Apr 05, 2013

Sorry that was way to easy. When I figure it out just by reading it, that's very easy, but thanks for posting.
It still was fun.

Posted by giuseppemccarth on Apr 19, 2013

Haha, I found it very clever. I didn't get it, I guess I'm a bit slower than this person^ :-)

Posted by dzean1412 on Sep 06, 2013

i have the same answer but different reasoning XD for me it's Mark because he left a MARK on the window by accidentally breaking it.

Posted by BadBunnee02 on Apr 05, 2016

hey, everybody .....

you're missing the "Van Gogh" party in yesterday's TOTD .....

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