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Fun:**** (3.12)
Difficulty:** (1.81)
Submitted By:japeth


Once there was a night watchman who had been caught several times sleeping on the job. The boss issued the final warning. On the next night he was caught with his head on his hand and his elbows on the desk.
"Aha, I've caught you again," exclaimed the boss. The watchman's eyes popped open immediately and he knew what had happened. Being a quick thinking man, he said one word before looking up at the boss. The boss apologized profusely and went home. What was the one word?


Sorry, no hints. :)

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Posted by beanie89 on Dec 17, 2003

Good 1!

Posted by Rowsdower on Dec 18, 2003

Fun teaser! I'll try this one on my pointy-haired boss...heh heh heh

Posted by japeth on Dec 19, 2003

That was ausome even though it was my own teaser ...............still that was cool.

Posted by griphook on Dec 20, 2003

Amen, i sayto this teaser...

Posted by jimbo on Dec 25, 2003


Posted by joanie on Dec 26, 2003

I wish I could think that quickly. : )

Posted by liltunalol on Dec 30, 2003

lol! i agree to joanie~ very clever

Posted by O_wise_one on Jan 14, 2004

I knew this one only because I had seen it in a list "Top 10 Things To Say When Caught Sleeping At Work)

Posted by mzpuddn on Jan 15, 2004

That was a real good one I did guess it right, but it was a good teaser. Keep Em Coming. Mz Puddn

Posted by insert_username on Mar 06, 2004

but if he is praying doesnt that mean he isnt paying attention to what is around him?

Posted by lucylizzy on Apr 29, 2004

Great! Unfortunately I didn't get it, (yet again) but I really like the answer!

Posted by on May 11, 2004

I concur... good, funny way too make your boss look dumb.

Posted by Varthen on Jul 05, 2004

Gooooood Jooooooooob

Posted by cnmne on Nov 25, 2004

Quick thinking! Hope he was not working in a government building, otherwise he would probably be fired for violation of the separation of church and state, and/or be sued by some pinhead lawyer for the ACLU.

Posted by I_am_the_Omega on Jan 14, 2005

I'm confused. Why was this rated 1.7? Who on earth would ever think of that!?

Good teaser :-)

Posted by strangelove on Jan 14, 2005

My goodness! Really a fun teaser. I love it!

Posted by cmcrider04 on Jan 14, 2005

I just like this one!!! To be honest, I have done this before when I was in High School. Very funny!!!

Posted by smar_tass on Jan 14, 2005

im atheist so i would have never thought of that asnswer

Posted by on Jan 14, 2005

WOA! that's awsome!!

Posted by mnkelvr102 on Jan 14, 2005

If he said that, it could also mean he really didn't want the job so when he fired him he meant, "YAY", but then the boss thought he didn't want the job and wanted him to suffer so made him keep the job. Atleast that's what I was thinking.

Posted by soccerchick14 on Jan 14, 2005

fun stuff! ur a sexy beast!jk

Posted by chimpe81 on Jan 14, 2005

Great teaser (The first one I liked from when i first came to braingle)

Posted by JessicaLynn on Jan 14, 2005

Fun I would have never thought of that

Posted by twin1 on Jan 14, 2005

this one was easy b/c my friend does that all the time in
it was a good one though.

Posted by Bobbyanck on Jan 14, 2005

This is really a cool teaser, amazing, congratulations ! !

Posted by speedyrunner8 on Jan 14, 2005

no offence or anything, but the answer could have been a lot of things. why couldnt it have been "pretending" or "undercover" or something to lead the boss to believe that at LEAST this time, the guardman was only pretending, for by then he must have had a reputation for sleepign on the job. sorry, but there are just too many loopholes keep tryin though

Posted by cherrie0110 on Jan 14, 2005

i thought the answer made sence. but what if the guard or the boss was buddist? Then would the out come of the teaser be tha same?There could be alot of different answers to this one and if u want the ppl to get the teaser u might want to submit one with a limited amount of answers.

Posted by trailme247 on Jan 14, 2005

The simplicity made this brain teaser a verrrry good one. Bravo

Posted by sweetpeao4o3 on Jan 14, 2005


Posted by Riki on Jan 15, 2005

I'm new on this site and I've only read a few so far. But so far, your's has been the best! Very cute!

Posted by fuzzie277 on Jan 15, 2005

This was really easy. Got it in under 20 seconds. Liked it, though.

Posted by brklyhlly on Jan 15, 2005

That was a good one Even though it might have been easy

Posted by jonnea on Jan 15, 2005

I am a Christian, so the answer came quickly. MMM, another plus to having Christ in my life!!

Posted by Meriganez on Feb 07, 2005

This teaser is pretty good - I will bear it in mind the next time I am chilling out at work!!!

Posted by trumpetsgirl on Oct 12, 2005

I liked this one it made pefect sence for once

Posted by Brainy_1 on Jan 14, 2006

Good one!!

Posted by thimblenoggin on Jan 14, 2006

How could you not get that right away?

Posted by mogur on Jan 14, 2006

Got me, good one. I got lazy and only tried for a minute, though.

I know it was posted a year ago, but how does "pretending" and "undercover" help? I'm rolling on the floor. Maybe "goobly-gook" or "elephant" works, too. Thanks for cracking me up.

Posted by WJSMama on Jan 14, 2006

That was good, ya got me. My answer was 'headache'.

Posted by bluehawk on Jan 14, 2006


Posted by coachpisco on Jan 14, 2006


Posted by OldChinaHand on Jan 14, 2006

It's good to see an oldie recycled now and then.

Posted by SPUTNIK2 on Jan 14, 2006

That was the coolest

Posted by shopaholic918 on Jan 14, 2006

I think that was a goodone! it was funny.

Posted by ragethe3rd on Jan 14, 2006


Posted by on Jan 14, 2006

I loved this...very good!

Posted by Aarghonauts on Jan 14, 2006

Zingo! I got this one right away That's two in a row for me Anyway, thanks for the fun teaser

Posted by kimberlykay on Jan 14, 2006

cute...very cute!

Posted by lindquist_25 on Jan 14, 2006

Hehe, that's cute. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Posted by puppylover1031 on Jan 14, 2006

funny.first one i got since i first came to brangle

Posted by vlerma on Jan 14, 2006

Happy BD to you lindquist 25. And after looking at the year dates I see Riki was new to us about a year ago. Welcome and happy anniversary. Great teaser even if the ACLU will probably file charges. May I never need their help because they really rub me the wrong way. I like my freedom to worship my Lord. LOL to all.

Posted by on Jan 14, 2006

I thought the word should be his bosses wifes name? Oh well.

Posted by poison_ivy on Jan 14, 2006

Amazing teaser...very clever. And believe me that is a big compliment coming from me. This one's going on Favorites.

Posted by iteachkids on Jan 14, 2006

WJSMama, I was thinking "Toothache!" Great minds ...
Happy birthday, Lindquist - and Happy Day to anyone else celebrating a milestone.

Posted by wizkid on Jan 14, 2006

I loved this teaser. I think u did a good job. Now when would be a good time to use this.

Posted by jabdr on Jan 14, 2006

Cute one. I like the kind that make me smile..and I'm smiling.

Posted by monielove1 on Jan 14, 2006

I liked it, I got it right away but is was still fun GOOD JOB

Posted by bballer21 on Jan 14, 2006

smart watchman- wish i was that quick

Posted by sccrclssc5 on Jan 14, 2006

love it!

Posted by pawprints62391 on Jan 14, 2006

...i didn't like the hint at good one!

Posted by srichardson1066 on Jan 14, 2006

Cute. I liked it alot.

Posted by christine77 on Jan 14, 2006

that was a good one!

Posted by smosaka on Jan 14, 2006

I thought he was going to pretend he'd been shot.....oh well

Posted by shawneeo on Jan 14, 2006

Yea! I got it!!! I think the fact that his chin was on his hands, elbows on desk, that he said one word and then looked up, and the boss apologizing all made the answer the only right one. Since it was the boss, he would have known if there was undercover work going on, and wouldn't apologize profulsely if the guard claimed to be "pretending".

Of course, I may be biased because I got it right, yea again! Thanks!

Posted by exterminator on Jan 14, 2006

Excellent! Pure brilliance! Good job!

Posted by zonahobo on Jan 14, 2006

This was just plain fun .. good to see somthing so enjoyable on the site.. too bad the submitter isn't around to appreciate the comments!

Posted by on Jan 15, 2006

It was good but not the best thing i've seen . But it was kinda odd when it had to do with praying because I'm going to church today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by margarette on Jan 15, 2006

u make me laugh...
i've guess so...
its fun...keep mailing!

Posted by Toink- on Jan 16, 2006

That I planned to do a long time already but never got the opportunity to!!!

Posted by teen_wiz on Jan 16, 2006

really cute ! i luv it! great job! excellent! brilliant!

Posted by realm2346 on Jan 16, 2006

Your teaser was great, and it made me laugh!!!

Posted by anchorman21 on Jan 16, 2006

it took me a few seconds to get it,and it was VERY funny
Great one

Posted by riddlelover on Jan 16, 2006

Ah, that was easy, but funny!

Posted by on Jan 17, 2006


Posted by kukuzyavochka on Jan 19, 2006

Funny, but hard.
Cool Teaser!

Posted by mitzimesser on Feb 05, 2006

I should have known that, that is one of my tricks.
Great teaser.

Posted by mitzimesser on Feb 05, 2006

I should have known that, that is one of my tricks.
Great teaser.

Posted by brandiMcBride20 on Mar 06, 2006

I've heard this one before, but still cute.

Posted by AbsurdHero on Jan 14, 2007


Posted by ejhops on Jan 14, 2007

I've heard it before, but it still makes me smile. Fun teaser

Posted by khedron on Jan 14, 2007

Who puts their head on their hand when they pray? I thought you were supposed to put your hands together in front of your face. That's what I do when I pray to Satan at least.

Posted by Sherilyn on Jan 14, 2007


very good teaser.

Posted by gaylewolf on Jan 14, 2007

Now THAT was a great teaser. I had NO idea what the answer would be and I thought it was terrific! Smart man!! Thanks for a good one, japeth!

Posted by shiz3a on Jan 14, 2007

cute thing

Posted by doehead on Jan 14, 2007

that's older than cavemen

Posted by Pizzazz2u on Jan 14, 2007

This is an older teaser, but it is fun to try to analyze and to figure out the answer. Terrific job of wording and phrasing. Just be aware of the bosses who may use cameras and soft audio equipment. They may not be as forgiving as this employer. (Comment NOT meant to harm teaser, BTW! Although, the employer would only need to record the sleeping, for proof)

Posted by Blondie116 on Jan 14, 2007

lovede it! Great job!

Posted by Infinitoid on Jan 14, 2007

how were you supposed to know that exactly?
smart, though, i guess. i might use that

Posted by bradon182001 on Jan 14, 2007

Even though I hadn't heard this one before, I did get it because that is is only answer that would work.

Posted by cincigirl4ever on Jan 14, 2007

i was thinking "DUH!" this was a super easy one for me. so very proud of myself..tehe. great teaser!

Posted by soonitwillend on Jan 14, 2007

Great teaser.
And it appears its Linquists bday again? Another happy birthday to you.

Posted by nickley1996 on Jan 14, 2007

very funny

Posted by mmmcla01 on Jan 14, 2007

Clever!!! I wouldn't have gotten it!!!

Posted by vanoosha on Jan 14, 2007

Yes! I finally got one right away. "AMEN!"

Posted by I_Write_Books on Jan 14, 2007

I thought it was rather easy.

Posted by breathesunshine on Jan 14, 2007

This was an easy one. Some of the comments make me laugh though.

Posted by amb1912 on Jan 14, 2007

that was cool

Posted by katjojo on Jan 14, 2007

That was a good one!

Posted by Trishgal on Jan 14, 2007

Good one

Posted by matthewmurch on Jan 14, 2007

Excellent. By the way, I happen to know of at least one instance where this was a true story.

Posted by FatHead on Jan 14, 2007

Not bad! However, I expected that the "hint" would be totally absent, unless "no hints" was supposed to be a hint.

Posted by wordmama on Jan 14, 2007

I guessed "praying". As I don't usually have a clue in this kind of teaser, I was thrilled to come that close!

And happy birthday once again to Lindquist!

(Mine's 2 wks. from today!)

Posted by sand_rat on Jan 14, 2007

This was very cool! For a church goer it was very easy, but that's what made it so fun!

Posted by lmurray on Jan 15, 2007



Posted by Qrystal on Jan 16, 2007

Hmf. Didn't get it. I was thinking "SURPRISE!" or "PEEK-A-BOO!"

Posted by scallio on Jan 25, 2007

Great teaser!

Posted by luvdoritos706 on Jan 29, 2007

nice one....very easy...

Posted by MikeMan1216 on May 29, 2007

Man, that hint was no help!

Posted by lkp68 on Jun 07, 2007

I must have heard something like this somewhere in my life before, because the corect answer popped into my head immediately. Good one!!

Posted by Pojuer on Jun 27, 2007

I did not get it! but it real nice

Posted by Stack1607 on Jan 14, 2010

Oh, I didn't get it . Thought he would say "freeze" or something since he was a night watchman. But that's way too far. Anyway, it's a really nice one . Keep'em comin'.

Posted by doehead on Jan 14, 2010

This was once a good teaser, but it has had way to much overplay.

Posted by omas on Jan 14, 2010

how about "holiday" or "night-off". The question did not mention that it was work night. If that were the case, the boss must apologize. Hehe! In many jobs, you are not allowed to pray during working hours.

However, good teaser overall.

Posted by builder on Jan 14, 2010

good 1, easy, loved the hint but I did not need it.

Posted by angelfinder on Jan 14, 2010

That was cute...could give some people ideas for their jobs.

Posted by eclectric on Jan 14, 2010

I thought he would say "hello" and look up and show him the cell phone in his hand...that might actually work. I might even try it myself...yawn.

Posted by auntiesis on Jan 14, 2010

I got this one easily because it was a joke of the day on another site. Cute.

Posted by UptheHill on Jan 14, 2010


Posted by Babe on Jan 14, 2013

The thing that is blowing my mind is that the author, "japeth' is complimenting himself or herself on his or her own teaser. "Awesome and cool teaser." is what she or he says. Talk about patting yourself on the back.

Posted by eamon on Jan 14, 2013

A VERY old chestnut.

Posted by cutebug on Jan 14, 2013

It was enjoyable in its day,but a little wornout.

Posted by HABS2933 on Jan 14, 2013

Yet another recycled "Teaser of the Day" Looking at the dates of the flurry of comments that occur on this teaser it is easy to see it was TOTD on January14, 2006, 2007,2010 and now again in 2013. I have never seen this one myself but I know there are a lot of long time users who have now seen it at least 4 times. There are thousands of other teasers to choose from, is there really a need to reuse the same ones over and over again?

Posted by gaylewolf on Jan 14, 2013

I saw this one in '07 - and so it rang a bell today! It may be old, but I still like it!

Posted by kitty-cat on Jan 14, 2013

I agree, Habs. I've noticed that for nearly every teaser of the day. The FAQ claims that they're randomly selected, but... Good teaser anyway!

Posted by auntiesis on Jan 14, 2013

I remembered this one, and it made me smile again.

Posted by catmom on Jan 14, 2016

BINGO!!! I got that right away!

Posted by catmom on Jan 14, 2016

.......and NO I have not heard it before.

Posted by HABS2933 on Jan 14, 2016

Must be January 14, this teaser's favourite date! This posting makes it 5 years that this teaser has been used on the exact same date.

Posted by raisin99 on Jan 14, 2016

he should be fired for bringing religion into the workplace!

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