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Talking Herbs

Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Fun:*** (2.97)
Difficulty:** (2.01)
Submitted By:MrIxolite


What phrase is this?

Interrogator. "Who stole the gold?"

Parsley. "..."
Sage. "..."
Rosemary. "..."
Thyme. "It was Basil."

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Posted by toast9897 on Jan 18, 2005

YEAH boy!! i got this one! thanks ix

Posted by Atropus on Jan 19, 2005

Nice one. Very sage ^_^

Posted by tiptoes007berbs on Jan 20, 2005

good one!

Posted by Knightdog on Jan 22, 2005

I got it!

Posted by ixilight_raven on Jan 26, 2005

the first thing that popped into my mind was the song greensleeves. XP got if not to long, though. good one!

Posted by on Jan 28, 2005

Haha Ixilight Raven....interesting name.... :p

Posted by MrIxolite on Jan 30, 2005

thats what I thought

Posted by Tree on Feb 19, 2005

Good one.

Posted by Riki on Feb 19, 2005

That one was cute & witty.

Posted by hpfan on Feb 19, 2005

That was pretty good!

Posted by IMCUL4E on Feb 19, 2005

^^ I GOT IT!!!!

Posted by Blaque1 on Feb 19, 2005

i woulb never have thought of the tyme

Posted by Blaque1 on Feb 19, 2005


Posted by pormike on Feb 19, 2005

It would have made a lot more sense if the other three said "no comment" or "no answer" ... I didn't understand what the teaser was getting at.

Posted by texashorty4ever on Feb 19, 2005

It took me a little while to get this one but I got it! This one was a good one and well thought out!

Posted by martir01 on Feb 19, 2005

Very good one.

Posted by melilyn on Feb 19, 2005

haha, cute!

Posted by sweetpeao4o3 on Feb 19, 2005

very nice

Posted by hotandluscious on Feb 19, 2005

I dont get it!

Posted by Goth_Goddess666 on Feb 19, 2005

i thought it was wel boring sorry love ya anyway

Love Goth_Goddess666

Posted by MrIxolite on Feb 20, 2005

Thanks Goth, love you too. Nice moustach

Posted by BrenBeadSP on Feb 21, 2005

cute, cute, cute

Posted by tsd3 on Feb 22, 2005

good teaser, I liked it 'cause it was the first one i got right today!!

Posted by on Apr 22, 2005


Posted by AXTON on Nov 22, 2005

dont understand the comment above this one but whatever. Anyways, i have just finished my final year of school - and can once again be part of the braingle community. I LOVED IT MrIx, as per usual - i have missed your rebus's during the last six months. Keep them coming....Axton

Posted by brandiMcBride20 on Feb 08, 2006

This one,,, so cute!

Posted by vlerma on Feb 24, 2006

Well I get some and some I don't. This one went right over my head. I didn't look at the title or I wouldn't have thought that Herb did it. Needed to figure out "the phrase." Good one

Posted by azbee123 on Feb 24, 2006

this was soooo cute!!!!

definetley going on my list of favs.

Posted by coachpisco on Feb 24, 2006

Very well thought out teaser. Thanks.

Posted by bluehawk on Feb 24, 2006

Enjoyable and fun.
Thanx ix. Keep up the good work.
I love thyme.

Posted by OldChinaHand on Feb 24, 2006

Well done...a thinker.

Posted by bobbet on Feb 24, 2006

well that is a stich in thyme lol Bob

Posted by spec4p on Feb 24, 2006

very nice

Posted by bradon182001 on Feb 24, 2006

I liked this one.Took a lot of thought, and actually made sense.Good JoB!!

Posted by shawneeo on Feb 24, 2006

This was good, and funny! I didn't try very hard this morning, which, *clear throat*, is quite rare for me...

However, even though I do like it a lot, I agree with the person above that "no comment" or something would have worked better than "...", because that doesn't mean "nothing", and it seems like you're saying the first three said the same thing. But I do think its very clever to use the thyme as time in the parsley sage rosemary thyme group, that was a GREAT idea!

Posted by windexnodrip on Feb 24, 2006

GoOd JoB!!! weLL tHoUgHt OuT!!!

Posted by smee on Feb 24, 2006

For me, this one was a toughie... when I saw the answer, I thought, "Duh!!" Excellent teaser! I never would have got this one in a million years! (Maybe it's because even though I've heard that phrase before, I personally hardly ever use it.)

Posted by bootscooter58 on Feb 24, 2006

Good job -- very well done. I too was thinking of the old song Greensleeves, and when that got in my head I could think of nothing else. So needless to say, I didn't get it Thanks so much and keep them coming.

Posted by SandraB on Feb 24, 2006

Very cute, I didn't guess right, but it was cute!

Posted by Vigo95 on Feb 24, 2006

i loved it !!! that was hilarious to me

tee hee

Posted by SPUTNIK2 on Feb 24, 2006

THAT was da bomb!! thanks

Posted by cartwheel_queen on Feb 24, 2006

I got it!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Sreenath on Feb 24, 2006

I got it too!
But first I didn't get it!

Posted by kimberlykay on Feb 24, 2006

I new it immediately after I read it, and I thought it was very cute. Some teasers are just "thymeless"!
Good job!

Posted by c_rae on Feb 24, 2006

I didn't get this one, poor me.
It was very clever and fun though!

Posted by precious1026 on Feb 24, 2006

I loved this Teaser. With the answer right in my face, I was unable to answer correctly. Only thyme will tell. Keep them coming, as long as they're as good as Talking Herbs..... Ha, Ha, Ha.

Posted by spoiled_rotten on Feb 24, 2006

at 1st i didn't get it but then i read the answer and i did

Posted by nasanerd13 on Feb 24, 2006

I didn't like it that well kind of boring would have been better if you had the other herbs saying, "I'm not telling" or something like that it was ok I guess after I got the answer I found it kinda funny...

Posted by keveffect1 on Feb 24, 2006

Great teaser

Posted by yesenia8rivera on Feb 24, 2006

Cute and witty??? I didn't get it.

Posted by orbrab on Feb 24, 2006

-but Thyme has already told

Posted by riddlelover on Mar 05, 2006

Bravo, cute, cool and clever!

Posted by cloughme on Feb 24, 2007

Very clever!! Well written and really made me think for a change!

Posted by Trishgal on Feb 24, 2007

That was really cute , and I should have got it . It wasnot hard, but I had no clue Enjoyed it ,though

Posted by sailerone on Feb 24, 2007

Nice one took a litle bit of time to get though!!

Posted by Spammy on Feb 24, 2007

How about "a snitch in thyme"

Posted by jamy400 on Feb 24, 2007

Thanks for the great teaser I actually got this one.

Posted by puttumup on Feb 24, 2007

the teasers direction wasntvery well thought out....i give it a thumbs down..

Posted by anion on Feb 24, 2007

Good teaser!! I got it but my husband had no clue. He always gets stuff right and usually it is me that has trouble so I am happy.

I really liked this teaser. Great job!!!

Posted by lmurray on Feb 24, 2007


Posted by vanoosha on Feb 24, 2007

This one really stumped me! It made me think but I gave up to easily.

Posted by Badger on Feb 24, 2007

Ditto Shawneeo, et. al. but I still thought it was a fun teaser! I jumped a little too quickly and went with "Time is against me" for my answer. Thanks for submitting.

Posted by Pizzazz2u on Feb 24, 2007

A very entertaining teaser! You did a fantastic job on this one, and only because I have heard this one from a song, have I recorded it in my memory for future use. Keep up the fantastic work! I enjoy teasers of this nature.

Posted by karenokupniak on Feb 24, 2007

Good one. Not sure why it invoked thoughts of "Greensleeves" for some readers, but Simon & Garfunkel would get a huge kick out this if you could email it to them.

Posted by marschie on Feb 24, 2007

I realy liked this -- and I got it right away!

Posted by marschie on Feb 24, 2007

Uh, oh! Really is really spelled really! Sorry for the typo.

Posted by bradon182001 on Feb 24, 2007

I still think its cute and a good teaser.

Posted by GobyDude on Feb 24, 2007

There should have been more directions. I thought I had to fill in what the other herbs were saying.

Posted by phyllisa on Feb 24, 2007

Great one, didn't get it. I thought of Simon & Garfunkel too.

Posted by LeafFan4life on Feb 24, 2007

wow ths must be good because it was made two years ago and people still love it

Posted by rambo67 on Feb 24, 2007

Excellent job! Took some thinking, and "spiced-up" my morning.

Posted by peeve30 on Feb 24, 2007

This was a cute one! Keep em coming!

Posted by craniac on Feb 24, 2007

Would have been clearer if the other herbs (besides thyme) each said "No comment" or "I'm not tellilng" or something like that.

Posted by katjojo on Feb 24, 2007

That was cute!!

Posted by bluejubba on Feb 24, 2007

"whoever did the rhyme did the crime" i thought... it rhymed with thyme so yeah

Posted by masquerademe235 on Feb 24, 2007

interesting yet fun... good teaser

Posted by breathesunshine on Feb 24, 2007

Once I got the Simon and Garfunkel song in my head it was all I could think of! Aghhh! Dandy little teaser!

Posted by jimbo58 on Feb 24, 2007

Hasn't this one been on here before? I remember it from somewhere...

Posted by on Feb 24, 2007

I thought i was suposed to fill in the dots, you shoud really put, I am not saying, or I don't know, not..... which suggests a piece that you have to figure out.
Otherwise, it was a great teaser, but the bigger teaser was finding out what the teaser was.

Posted by speedqueenkmw on Feb 25, 2007

what does "Who stole the gold" have to do with this teaser? I was confused-as usual.

Posted by cassiemark on Feb 26, 2007

Very cute! Got it right away!

Posted by Qrystal on Feb 28, 2007

I'm with breathesunshine .... the song's in my head, and that's all there was room for as I was puzzling over the teaser. I'm also several days behind in the TOTD emails, so I'm just trying to hurry through....

Very cute teaser though! kudos!

Posted by Nym_Pimplyee on Feb 27, 2008

Best teaser i've read so far.

Posted by J-Mac on Feb 24, 2010

Good one! I missed it but I like it!



Posted by chittermouse3 on Feb 24, 2010

That was cute!

Posted by doehead on Feb 24, 2010

A little on the corny side. I got it, but not my type of teaser.

Posted by sunnybonghits on Feb 24, 2010

Did not get it. Very good

Posted by patiencewithaP on Feb 24, 2010

Took me a and cute!

Posted by eclectric on Feb 24, 2010

I thought it was "thyme tells all." close though

Posted by wattsofawesome on Feb 24, 2010

Very clever!
I was thinking something to do with "Scarbourough Fair"!

Posted by avonma on Feb 24, 2010

I didn't get it, either. I really liked it, though! Thanks!

Posted by thebrain789 on Jul 08, 2010

*makes a quirky little sort of clicking sound that I do when things are funny, but not funny enough for a laugh* or, more simply, MAQLSOCSTIDWTAFBNFEFAL!

Posted by redhed on Feb 24, 2013

my first Tease, my first day ...I got it!! thanks for the bit-o-fun.

Posted by gaylewolf on Feb 24, 2013

I was on the wrong track - thought it was about going to Scarborough Fair. Thanks for the laugh!

Posted by jaycr on Feb 24, 2013

Another S&G fan tricked . . .

Posted by HABS2933 on Feb 24, 2013

lol GW, That was the first thing that popped into my head (and is still there) which is unfortunate, not because I missed the teaser, but because I cannot stand Simon and Garfunkel.

Posted by cutebug on Feb 24, 2013

A little corny,but it SPICED up my morning.

Posted by auntiesis on Feb 26, 2013


Posted by gaylewolf on Feb 24, 2016

Good one! Funny! Thanks for posting

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