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Guess the Animals #2

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Fun:*** (2.98)
Difficulty:*** (2.18)
Submitted By:Javian


Find out what the animals are! (for example, "To run away or escape" could be a "flea")

1. A strong body tissue
2. Government head of a town/city
3. To sound low, husky, or grating
4. Relating to a group of singers
5. Stealin'
6. A parent's female sibling
7. A mythical curse or bond
8. A second-person pronoun
9. Thin thread-like outgrowth from the skin
10. To exist. A form of 'am' or 'was.'

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Posted by Ill-Logic-Al on Jun 20, 2005

Good Teaser. Mayor and mare in my part of the country are pronounced different.

Posted by vikingboy on Jun 20, 2005

they're pronounced differently in all parts of the country!

Beyond that one I did like the rest

Posted by ginny322 on Jun 20, 2005

but in australia ant and aunt are pronounced differently. Oh well but i liked it anyway.

Posted by PCDguitar on Jun 21, 2005

well in baltimore mayor is like mayr so i see how that could sound like mare bc i have lived in baltimore my whole life

Posted by sgfreak555 on Jun 21, 2005

Nice! i never heard of "geas" before though.

Posted by Javian on Jun 21, 2005

Thanks for the feedback.
I know this "Guess the Animals" wasn't as great as the first one; I guess I was starting to run out of words to use. I know the mayor one was a bit of a stretch, I was hoping it would be solveable.

Posted by sassy_101 on Jun 21, 2005

I liked this, it was fun

Posted by MTK_90 on Jun 25, 2005


Posted by amc7996 on Jun 26, 2005

Nice Teaser
PSo You Think You Will Make A
Guess The Animals #3?

Posted by amc7996 on Jun 26, 2005


Posted by Javian on Jun 26, 2005

hmmm I'll work on it, but thinking up 10 more animals will take me some time

Posted by dolphingurl12 on Jun 28, 2005

In my part of the country, mayor and mare is pronouced close enough to guess. Then again, I've moved several times, so I don't have one paticular accent. Anyway, good teaser!

Posted by Javian on Jun 29, 2005

--I've submitted a "Guess the Animals #3", awaiting approval by the editors--

Posted by spookboy0 on Aug 12, 2005

very cool.

Posted by EVOLNI on Aug 12, 2005

A friend of mine was having a playful debate about #6 and said u should clearify it by saying in relation to the child becuz of how it could still be a soster other than that great teaser never heard of gease tho magic huh? o well

Posted by jessjspieks on Aug 12, 2005

Very clever ...the geas one stumped me Lots of fun.

Posted by shanniesue on Aug 12, 2005

very clever... I also had difficulty with the pronunciation of mayor.
And I thought that "in relation to a group of singers"-- fly (as in fly dancers)... I was thinking bands not choirs

Posted by stalker on Aug 12, 2005

i got mussel and ant and guessed mayor but didn't make the connection to mare. was thinking "projection from skin" was mole. i guess moles can't be "long" unless there is something wrong. good one. made me think hard.

Posted by thetaylors_2002 on Aug 12, 2005

I thought this was a good one

Posted by horse_luver on Aug 12, 2005

Got all of them but the Geas one. Mare, right away, made me smile. An easy, but fun, teaser.

Posted by pawz73 on Aug 12, 2005

GEAS? Never heard of that one either. Only other one I missed was horse. Was looking for a verb, not a noun. Was still fun guessing the others. Mar Love those animals---let's see #3.

Posted by lisha_kc on Aug 12, 2005

fun!!! I enjoyed it...I got some and it made me think...great job!

Posted by Javian on Aug 12, 2005

Thanks for the feedback , I'll add some corrections. #3 didn't work out, it was rejected but I was suggested to resubmit it with some corrections. But I still like the first 2 better, I don't think I'll resubmit the 3rd.

Posted by elu93 on Aug 12, 2005

I liked the teaser! I think that mare and mayor sounds close enough to guess though...

Posted by MAroxmysoxonice on Aug 12, 2005

i really liked these. u should definetely resubmit #3. good luck.

Posted by Angel3000 on Aug 12, 2005

hey Javian, i think you should submit #3 becuz the 1st 2 were really fun, good luck getting it submited

Posted by Javian on Aug 13, 2005

ok I resubmitted it

Posted by karma48 on Aug 15, 2005


Posted by sambean on Aug 18, 2005

That was hard!!!

Posted by Javian on Aug 22, 2005

Guess the Animals #3 has been accepted, with some deletions.

Posted by smarty_blondy on Oct 02, 2005

Way to go, great teaser'ish teaser!

Posted by bladd on Oct 16, 2006

Very fun but kinda tricky!

Posted by lmurray on Oct 16, 2006

Posted by OldChinaHand on Oct 16, 2006

An interesting and fun teaser. A little stretching at times, yes, but still a fun way to workout the animal's names.

Posted by Badger on Oct 16, 2006

Missed geas (geese) I was hoping that I learned a new word today, but doesn't have it either. Any help out there? Thanks for submitting!

Posted by coachpisco on Oct 16, 2006

That was tough. One or two were a stretch, but it was a good teaser.

Posted by marschie on Oct 16, 2006

I got 7 out of 10. Try Googling GEAS -- lots of hits. It's sort of a club curse.

Posted by schmedley9 on Oct 16, 2006

it was great. A few of them stumped me but other than that, I got most of them. NICE ONE!!!

Posted by bradon182001 on Oct 16, 2006

I'm with everyone else, got most but not all of them. Did give my brain a workout, and that is the object of this site. .

Posted by Badger on Oct 16, 2006

Thanks Marschie! Gotta love Wikipedia, and I learned something about Irish mythology today! Cool.

Posted by FatHead on Oct 16, 2006

That #5 was cute!

Posted by locutus13ds on Oct 16, 2006


Posted by 4kai2lyn6 on Oct 16, 2006

That was great! I had to work on this one for a while. I didn't get geese though. Oh well; Great teaser!

Posted by FeaerFactorY666 on Oct 16, 2006


Posted by scallio on Oct 16, 2006

Goodness Gracious me, I didn't even know what GEAS was and I also missed MAYOR and CHORAL. I too kept thinking about mayors, representatives, managers, councilors, but couldn't make the connection to MARE.

Fun teaser. Got my brain revving this morning.

Posted by MalcolmReynolds on Oct 16, 2006

Liked it a lot, though I have no idea what Geas is/are. Didn't get choral... I kept thinking Choir. I also thought of orchestral, so thought maybe it was Kestral, or Orca.

Posted by heyman on Oct 16, 2006

Excellent. This one was tough.

Posted by speedqueenkmw on Oct 16, 2006

didn't get the geas one. lotsa fun!

Posted by Firemoon on Oct 16, 2006

Hmmm...Mayor/Mare..How does that work?

Posted by angelacd on Oct 16, 2006

that was a really smart one, most of these riddles are stupid, but yours was very good.

Posted by tdbrsun on Oct 16, 2006

good going. I liked it.

Posted by evan_0819 on Oct 16, 2006


Posted by Trishgal on Oct 17, 2006

Only got about half , but i really enjoyed it. Congratulations on getting your 3rd teaser accepted. i am looking forward to it. thx,

Posted by RRAMMOHAN on Oct 27, 2006

Could get 7 out of 10. Not too bad, considering that English is not my mother tongue!
This is a very cleverly created teaser. Even Imurray has no comments!
Thanks for making us think. Could we request for more such ones, please?

Posted by vlerma on Oct 28, 2006

Nice job. This was fun to figure out. Took me a little while, but am happy to say I won. More please?

Posted by Qrystal on Nov 08, 2006

That was fun, even though I only got 7/10 -- and English IS my mother tongue

Like most of the others, geas got me. I also missed horse and coral, though after reading the answers I had to groan because I probably should've gotten them! Good job. Off to check out #1 and #3 now!

Posted by dalfamnest on Oct 16, 2009

Good one, thanks! I took a while over the ant until I remembered that we kiwis, with our pure pronunciation patterns (ha!) are a minority on the planet. Didn't know geas. Great teaser, and worthy of a re-run (before anyone complains!!!)

Posted by doehead on Oct 16, 2009

dalfamnest-you haven't been around long enough to make that defaming remark!!!

Posted by shannmo on Oct 16, 2009

If you are allowed to say anything you want to because you are being "honest",then why can't dalfamnest give his own opinion. you don't have to agree but he can say things also.

Posted by auntiesis on Oct 16, 2009

I guessed aunt, ant, but they are pronounced very differently here. I didn't get geas, and for the first answer I guessed heart (hart), so I think I did pretty well.

Posted by patiencewithaP on Oct 16, 2009

Missed mare and though!

Posted by EMB92 on Oct 16, 2009

Also for #3, I think Bass would work. Great teaser though, I really enjoyed it.

Posted by Babe on Oct 16, 2012

Good teaser. I got some, but not all. I know it is not thread like, but the only thing I could think of forming or coming out of the skin was "mole" Oh well, it was a fun one to do.

Posted by HABS2933 on Oct 16, 2012

I also enjoyed it and was able to solve most of them. No idea what a Geas is though.
As with some previous posters I agree that Mare and Mayor don't sound alike (close but not like the other questions do) and I am among those who don't pronounce my mothers sister the same way as the insect, but as I am aware of that being an alternate way to pronounce it was able to get that one. To whomever thought "Bass" could be another answer to #3 - Bass could not work for the answer because as an animal it it pronounced like the word BASE and as the sound or instrument it is pronounced BAA se.

Posted by HABS2933 on Oct 16, 2012

before it is pointed out to me, yes I got those sounds reversed, I edited the post to reword something and somehow rearranged what I was saying.
I am well aware of the sound being BASE and the animal being BAA se!
I really should just retype stuff instead of taking the easy way out and doing a cut and paste.

Posted by lukasiwicz on Oct 16, 2012

To say that "geas" is a rare word rather understates the case, and, though I am 77, with a long history of extensive reading, and usually deem vocabulary and word usage to be one of my long suits, "geas" is an entirely new one on me. Consequently, it's the only one I didn't get. Live and learn.

Posted by cutebug on Oct 16, 2012

This might be old,but I enjoyed it. Although I thought it was easy.Need more of a challenge.

Posted by Babe on Oct 16, 2015

I would think another one would be easy and very simple and much better. I can think of a couple without even thinking.
1. What are you when you take off all your clothes?
2. What you do to your food when you eat too fast
Answer #1 You are bare (bear))
#2 you wolf it down (wolf)

Posted by raisin99 on Oct 16, 2015

all but Geas!!

Posted by catmom on Oct 16, 2015

Geas? Just before I clicked answers I got Coral!!

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