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Lost In A Cave

In Cryptography teasers, a phrase or expressions has been encoded in some way (frequently by replacing letters with other letters). You need to figure out the encoding method and then decode the message to find the answer.


Fun:*** (2.79)
Difficulty:*** (2.87)
Submitted By:spookboy0


Three boys were out hiking one day and they came across a cave. They went inside the cave for a while and when they exited, a boy was missing. The other two went back inside the cave to look for him. On the walls were numbers in green paint that they hadn't noticed beforehand. The numbers were as follows:

4 8 20 21 10 27 36 23 22

After they wrote the numbers in a notebook, they came across a letter written in the same green paint. It read:

Oh, it bothers me to write letters like this. Of how I came across this event I am not aware. However, things must be done. I have written the numbers on the walls. You must use these numbers to find my hiding spot. Good Luck. - The Missing Boy

How should you find him?

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